Monday, August 29, 2011

Succotash Epi9: A Visit With Kelly Carlin

Succotash is your Comedy Podcast Podcast and, as such, we feel it's our duty to keep stretching the definition of "comedy podcast" a bit more when we can. Succotash hit the road to interview this week's special guest, Kelly Carlin, who was kind enough to invite me into her home for a discussion about comedy, podcasts, and her late father, comedy legend George Carlin.

She's a smart, lively, funny, and fascinating personality, who hosts Waking From The American Dream, an internet radio show and podcast. Interestingly, we learn that she wasn't involved in the world of comedy very much while her dad was alive but, immediately following his passing, she found herself greeted by well-wishers of high status in the comedy community, who were anxious to make the only child of a comedy figurehead know that she was welcome to become part of this great extended family.

It's an interesting conversation, one which I've broken up over the hour-long episode and interspersed with a handful of clips from some comedy podcasts we've not featured yet:

Affirmation Nation
As I mention in the show this week, Affirmation Nation is one of my new favorite p'casts. The installments are short and can be found daily over on Featuring Bob Ducca, there's a great lampooning of "feel good-ness" going on in each tasty bite of this offering. (Apologies to Bob, Seth Morris, and the Earwolf folks - I blew leaving the link info in the show this time! I'll mention it in Epi10. In the meantime...) and iTunes

• Cinematic Method
Funny concept and follow-thru for a show by a quintet of guys. They watch movie trailers and, from those alone, attempt to predict the film's ratings on the Rotten Tomatoes site. Talk about meta! In this clip, the guys examine recent release Fright Night.

• Comedy-A-Go-Go
Friend of Succotash Dave Nelson and his p'cast are back on the show via this clip featuring a taste of his interview with actor/comedian TJ Miller. Dave's a touchstone for podcast and comedy happenings in the Midwest, and we're glad he asked if we'd revisit his program.

• The Mad Ranters
An "open forum where a 'nothing is sacred' approach is taken" is how the Mad Ranters' website talks about their podcast. Angus and his crew take everything to task and leave no stone unturned along the way. We're just giving you a taste: Angus ranting solo about drivers in the middle lane.

So we're a little short on the clip count this week to better accommodate our interview with Ms. Carlin. But you'll also catch another Burst O' Durst with regular contributor and political comedian extraordinaire Will Durst ( and @WillDurst on Twitter), plus we dip into the Tweet Sack and have another new ad from the folks at Henderson's Pants.

Lastly, we've received zero calls on the new Succotash Hotline at (818) 921-7212, which leads me to believe everyone's incredibly happy with what we're doing, nobody's listening, or you all wish that it was toll-free. Regardless, if you're listening to the show and could do us the great honor of going up to iTunes to rate it ANd review it, we'll be your bestest friend ever.

Hope you enjoy this week's serving and that you'll do your best to pass the Succotash!

— Marc Hershon

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Succotash Epi8: What Duvet Said What?

Episode 8 is up (in record time - just was laying it down at Studio P last night - way to go, engineer/producer Joe Paulino!) and not only do we have a whole new passle o' podcasts but this epi features special guest co-host Rob Celli. He's one half (combined with LA-based partner Jason Duplissea) of popular podcast What Duvet Said. (WDS isn't a comedy podcast, per se, but the hosts have a sly sense of humor that touches everything that they talk about during the course of their weekly hour.)

We kick things off with a quick trip through the Tweet Sack (the Succotash version of a mailbag feature), and unveil the new Succotash Hotline number: 1 (818) 921-7212. Then Rob and I launch into a slew of podcast clips, most of them chosen by Rob. (The first pair of segments are features from What Duvet Said — hear Rob and Jason's podcast at or grab it from iTunes.) The rest of podcasts, in order of appearance…

• Good Clean Fun
Rob cites this show as one of the inspirations for he and Jason to take their personal conversations online for the world to hear. The hosts of Good Clean Fun, Jasper and Mike, live halfway across the country from each other but that doesn't keep them from convening weekly. and iTunes

• Gee & Jay Radio Show
The #1 podcast in Belfast? It is to hear these two mates talk about it. It might take a little while to get the hang of listening to their thick Irish brogues (at least to an unpracticed Yank's ear!) Plus it's a kick to hear that Google Plus is getting a workout overseas at the same time as in the States. and iTunes

• S & M Rants Podcast
From the website: "“The S&M Rants Podcast is a weekly podcast where Shane Birley and Monica Hamburg talk about weird and amusing stuff. Want to find out more about Chewbacca sex fantasies, Japanese toilets and bad erotica? Wondering who the fucktard of the week is?” In this clip (our last 'duo hosted' show of this edition) the two kick around a news story about a dude who tried to have a prostitute arrested for not putting out to his satisfaction. and iTunes

• The Jimmy Dore Show
A Succotash favorite, Jimmy Dore and his panel of guests (Mike McCrae, Frank Conniff, Paul Gilmartin, and Robert Yasamura) enjoy taking a comedic bite out of political and pop culture figures. and iTunes

• Comedy Bang Bang
Guest co-host Rob Celli brings in a clip from another show we like hearing from! Scott Aukerman has consistently has great comedic guests and hyperweird drop-in characters. This segment features a mini-reunion of the director (David Wain) and a couple of the cast (Paul Rudd, Ken Marino) of the movie Wet Hot American Summer, released 10 years ago. and iTunes

• The Pod F. Tomkast
Avant garde comedian Paul F. Tompkins hosts this imaginative show, performed in front of a live audience. Definitely an experience worth catching a full download of sometime! and iTunes

• Comedy Accident
I was happy to feature this clip, provided by the sketch group of the same name from Chicago. In this segment, they have a visit with sketch and improv vets Susan Messing and Greg Holliman. and iTunes

We close out Epi8 with our regular feature, Burst O' Durst, provided every edition by San Francisco premiere political comedian Will Durst. (For more Durst, visit his site at and follow him on Twitter @WillDurst.)

So download a helping from this week's stash, tell your friends and don't forget to pass the Succotash!

— Marc Hershon