Sunday, March 18, 2012

Succotash Epi21: Save Our Hard Drive Drive!

Succotash is legal! Well, at least we've turned 21, as in episode 21. Now that our podcast is officially an adult, we intend to stay out late, stop listening to our parents, and vote for whatever candidate spends the most money on TV commercials.

I'm continuing the campaign we kicked off last episode, the Save Our Hard Drive Drive. In an effort to stir more emotions about donating money to our efforts to retrieve some unproduced interviews off of my broken external hard drive, I feature a quick Skype conversation with comedian/writer/podcaster Ed Crasnick, who is the subject of one of the lost interviews.

Here's the picture that I promised I'd include during this podcast - it's the contents of the "Bob Ducca Resolution Ointment Application Kit" that I discovered included in a shipment I'd ordered from First Aid Global in Tarzana. Considered that image of my eyeball is from my @hershco Twitter avatar, I have to assume that Todd West, GM of the company and whose card was included in the bag, must be a Succotash passer. I love it!

In addition to the bouquet of comedy podcast clips included in this 'sode, and the chat with Mr. Crasnick, I've got a couple of other little tidbits: An audio sketch by Steve Shaw from New York, a short musical ditty by writer Chet Haase and a fresh new commercial from the good folks at Henderson's Pants. Speaking of which, our announcer Bill Heywatt is observing Lent this year and has sworn off the sauce until after Easter. So in lieu of Boozin' With Bill, we have him onboard reading an original poem, Ode To A Rose.

This episode is capped off, as usual, by friend-of-Succotash and top-notch political wag Will Durst in our Burst O' Durst. (Get more of him at and watch him tweet as @WillDurst on Twitter!)

Comedy podcast-wise, here's who we have in this new episode:

This installment of AN is about three weeks old and was called in by Bob from the road. I'm a little concerned that there's been nothing new since then. Is Bob okay? You might check in with or on iTunes to see if Mr. Ducca's been rescued.

The edgy, funny, politically savvy David Feldman continues to create entertaining content each week for his show on Peninsula radio, which is then released as a podcast. This particular clip delves into the news of the Richard Nixon love letters to wife Pat that were recently made public, and features Frank Conniff and Rick Overton doing the voice of Nixon. Catch all the fun at, iTunes or on Stitcher.

After some 86 episodes, the guys behind this Seattle-based comedy p'cast are calling it quits. Well, not quits, but they ARE switching gears, changing formats and ditching the current title in favor of a new monthly show that will be performed in front of a live audience. This is part of their farewell announcement.

Providing a woman's touch to the heavily testosteroned world of comedy podcasts, comedian Aisha Tyler goes one-on-one with Jimmy Pardo. Pardo's Never Not Funny podcast set the bar for comedy podcasts when he hit the 'net in 2006 with a paid model for a show and he proved the exception to the rule that people wouldn't pay for such a thing. Check out the full conversation at, iTunes or download her smartphone app for iOS or Android.

Fun title for a rollicking show from Walla, Australia. The three hosts - Matt Olsen, Sheyne Halloran, and Dana Simpson - are less than a dozen episodes into the podcasting game so far, but they're such big supporters of Succotash that we figured we'd give 'em a spin. The focus of this particular clip was so captivating that it actually inspired this week's Henderson' Pants ad. See more of them at or on iTunes.

Booming out of the Baltimore area, comedian/radio personalities Rob Maher and Joe Robinson have pulled themselves from the rubble of terrestrial radio and now put this show on live, online, every Monday night at 7:30 PM EDT. It then gets the podcast treatment at and on iTunes.

TAH is one of the hottest comedy tickets for live shows in Los Angeles. It stages once a month and sells out way in advance. Presented in the fashion of an old-style radio show, it's a perfect format for modern-style podcasting. This clip features TV star Nathon Fillion (Castle, Firefly) as Cactoid Jim, King of the Martian Prairie.

BTW, this 21st episode of Succotash originates from Studio P in Sausalito, California - The Home of The Hit! - and I want to thank our engineer/producer Joe Paulino for pulling it all together, as well as Scott Carvey, our Musical Director.

If there's a comedy podcast out there that YOU listen to (or that you HOST), feel free to tell us all about it via, on our Succotash Hotline at (818) 921-7212.

Until next time, please remember to pass the Succotash

— Marc Hershon

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Succotash Epi20: Chatting With Kenny & Dorien

I had no idea it was going to take this long to get to the next episode of Succotash. Between moving, a bum hard drive and the day gig (you don't think podcasting actually pays, do you?), it's been hard to scrape this epi together. But because it's been so long since the last show, I kicked in an extra half hour of audio goodness.
Dorien Davies and Kenny Stevenson
The core of this epi is my interview with Kenny Stevenson and Dorien Davies, a couple of sketch players, actors and now movie "hyphenates" who were recently in range while Kenny's group Oh, Brother! was performing in the 2012 San Francisco Sketchfest. (A few years ago, the three of us were also heavily involved in an innovative LA-based sketch group, called Fries On The Side.) I caught them on a sunny Sunday just before they headed back down south and we did the interview in Washington Square Park. (Needless to say, the audio experience of being outside is a little different than the perfectly balanced environs of Studio P - so please bear with the lesser sound quality.)
Kenny and Dorien not only talk about their experiences going through training and performances with The Groundlings in LA, but the excitement of writing, producing and starring in their first feature-length film. Missed Connections is heading for film festivals starting this month, so get the inside scoop on how it all came about right here.
During a break in the interview, I play Drinking Beer And Smoking Cigarettes, a novelty comedy song by comedian Perry Kurtz that dropped on YouTube less than a month ago and already has almost a million hits.
Tacking on an extra half-hour allows us to hear a decent number of podcast clips as well. Here are the shows in store for you, along with links to their homesites:
Way Too Hip Radio
I've been meaning to get a clip up from LyonHart and Labrat for some time. I had an interview with LyonHart back when Succotash was just a few episodes old and they've been big supporters of the show You can check them out live every Monday night at 7 PM EST at or afterwards on iTunes.
The Dana Gould Hour
Our clip is harvested from the second-ever episode of The Dana Gould Hour, a brand new offering from the show's namesake, who is a very funny comedian and writer (most notably on The Simpsons). In this segment, he's joined by fellow comic and writer Ed Crasnick. This and all future episodes of TDGH can be had at and on iTunes.
Probably Science
What is it about comedians and science? From Bill Nye, The Science Guy to the Professor Blastoff podcast, they go together like Goober's peanut butter and jelly. This newcomer to the podcast fold (less than a dozen 'sodes so far) features a trio of self-avowed "professional comedians and incompetent scientists" - Matt Kirshen, Brooks Wheelan, and Andy Wood - who take a look at science-oriented items in the news and have at them. Episodes also features guests, such as this clip from epi7 with Kyle Kinane. Catch up with the eggheads at and iTunes.
Royal & Doodall
This pair of rollicking Brits - Angus Doodall and Tommy Royal - have been stalwart retweeters of our Succotash Twitter feed and are fans of the show, despite the fact we haven't gotten around to playing a clip from their show...until now. In this clip, a segment they call "Redneck Sports", you'll hear their impression of a couple of Southern-fried hicks. There's a lot more to be had at or on iTunes.
The Anti-Semantic Show
These spirited East Coasters - Ryan Anti-Hero, Pinder, Pradogod and Drew - describe themselves gleefully as "four assholes with microphones" so prepare to take the show as advertised. It's all in good fun, of course, including this clip where they're talking about possible ways, if unconventional, ways to protect yourself from a wolf attack. Find more fun at and iTunes.
Snitch & Lins
This is why it helps to reach out and let us know about your comedy podcast. Michael Snitch and Lindsey Price have just dropped their 30th 'sode and I'd never heard of them until they shot me a clip from their show. Have a listen and go find yourself a bunch more at or on iTunes. You can even see them here on YouTube.
We close the show with a Burst O' Durst, our episodic commentary by political comic and raging moderate Will Durst. Find more of his insights at and follow him on Twitter @WillDurst.
To help remind you that we now have merchandise, faithful listener Mary Bernstein got herself a Succotash baseball jersey and is currently using a picture of her in it as her Twitter avatar (follow her @MaryElizabethhB). Take a look...
Finally, I've found a good use for funds that we take in through our Donate button on the website. (You DO know that we are listener-supported, right?) I have several very good interviews with comedian friends that are trapped on the faulty hard drive I mentioned way back at the start of this blog. turns out that it's going to cost a cool $1000 bucks to retrieve the data off that drive, so I'm kicking off the Succotash Save Our Hard Drive Drive! So far, we've still got $988 to go, so give generously won't you? And we'll see you back here next time.

Until then, please pass the Succotash!

Marc Hershon