Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Succotash Clips Epi117: Clippage With A Side Of Chat

Yeppers, it’s me, Marc Hershon. Your host and inflatable arm-flailing tubeman for Epi117 of Succotash, the Comedy Podcast Podcast. This is a Succotash Clips episode with one exception, which I’ll 'splain in a sec. I’m happy to have our associate producer Tyson Saner back helping me to harvest clips of podcasts far and wide. He was a little overwhelmed doing some moving recently so we gave him some well-earned vacation time from listenin’ and snippin’. But he’s back and we’ve got some interesting clips to get to.

I’m one week back from the 4th Annual LA Podcast Festival and what a time I had. I was mostly dug in at the SquareSpace Podcast Lab, interviewing a few podcasters and then cutting, prepping and uploading those "minisodes". (You can find them all listed, essentially, under Epi116 at and iTunes. I forgot to get them up to SoundCloud, but I’ll do that soon just to have them up there as well.)

There was one last interview that I didn’t get a chance to produce and upload. That was with Michael John Simpson, co-host of The Something Something Experience podcast , so I’m going to break protocol — God, the network hates when I do this — and play that interview and a clip from Michael’s podcast as well.

In addition to his show, we’ve got clippage from The Chillpak Hollywood Hour, The Mild Adventures of Fred Stoller, Human Conversation, Taco Tuesday, The Talking Podcast, The Hooray Show, The New Hollywood podcast, and the Why Didn’t They Laugh? podcast.

We also have a double dose of our Burst O’ Durst segment, featuring political comedian and social commentator Will Durst, a classic Henderson’s Pants commercial, and an absurd folk song from our musical buddy, Abner Serd. Be sure to listen for that following Bill Heywatt’s closing credits.


Chillpak Hollywood Hour
Immediately following the LA Podfest, I was honored to be the first guest to Skype in on the Chillpak Hollywood Hour, with Dean Haglund and Phil Leirness, since they’ve gone international with Dean now hanging out down under in Australia. A little after 11 o’clock Sunday night, I pulled off the freeway into the parking lot of a KFC in Patterson, California, population 20,868. Dean and Phil wanted me to give them a review of the Ear Buds podcast documentary which had a couple of preliminary screenings at the podfest. In addition, I gave them and their listeners my take on the current State of the Podcast Union.

The New Hollywood
Brian Flaherty, host of The New Hollywood podcast, was our guest for Succotash Chats, Epi102, back at the end of the January of this year. I just reviewed his episode last week for both Splitsider and Huffington Post Entertainment, which featured his lengthy interview with the multi-talented and very entertaining Bill Hader. Since leaving SNL, Hader has been keeping himself busy – it seems like there is no acting job that guy won’t try – TV shows, commercials, and movies, including last year’s amazing The Skeleton Twins. Our clip features Hader outlining the audition process he had to go through to get on SNL.

Human Conversation
Last week was actually a review “two-fer” because I reviewed Human Conversation in addition to The New Hollywood. Human Conversation is a podcast that’s 20-something episodes in and I hadn’t heard about it until co-host Wayne Federman waded into the Podcast Lab at the LA Podfest. Wayne and I go way back but we’re not in touch all that often and this was the first I’d heard of his show, which he co-hosts with Erin McGathy, the significant other of Dan Harmon, the mayor of Harmontown. In the course of the show, she and Wayne talk about a variety of topics but the things is that neither is allowed to look up facts, figures, names, or anything else germane to the topics they discuss. Here, they talk about music and getting things done. Although Wayne and Erin don’t look up anything then and there during each episode, they DO look things up before the next episode and they kick every show off with a list of corrections. (I’ll have Wayne on an episode of Succotash Chats soon to talk about his monumental 30-year-project, The Federman Chronicles, which features parts of his standup comedy act dating back 30 years.)

The Mild Adventures of Fred Stoller
I reviewed past guest and friend-of-Succotash Fred Stoller’s new podcast, The Mild Adventures of Fred Stoller, back when it debuted in July. We’d had Fred as a guest way, way back in Epi15, when doing his own podcast wasn’t even a twinkle in his mouth. We also clipped that episode I reviewed, with guest Robert Forester, but our Associate Producer Tyson Saner thought it was time for a rematch. The clip captures part of the opening to the show, which is part of a phone conversation of Fred trying explain the concept of a podcast to his mother. Also in this clip, he’s joined by sometimes-co-host Amber Tozer, and they discuss comedy and dating with guest Darren Carter and Nikki Sullivan.

The Hooray Show
The hosts of The Hooray Show, which we’ve not covered on this show before, are Horatio Sands and Chad Krueger. Horatio is, of course, from SNL. Krueger is a musician, perhaps best known as the lead singer and guitarist for Nickleback. In this clip, from their Season 2, Episode 6, they talk to guests Peter Murrieta and Jaime Moyer about the fire that swept through the Second City offices in Chicago earlier in September. The theater, I believe, was largely untouched, but the offices took quite a hit.

The Talking Podcast
From the UK comes The Talking Podcast, which is the most content-related blatant titling of a show I can remember. It features three brothers, Joseph Snelling, Oliver Snelling and George Trevor White, who, in the words of their homesite’s “Who Are We?”, “arrogantly assume that others would like to listen to them talking.” Tyson found this show and this clip, and I don’t know why the third brother’s last name, White, is not even close to that of his two brohams, which is Snelling. Here they talk about a family outing as boys on the Isle of Man. They also chat about Time as a concept. Heavy.

Taco Tuesday
Okay, I’ve mentioned on the show before that I really don’t care for pre-recorded promos. There’s nothing inherently wrong with them, but they can be easily played on any other podcast to help cross promote another podcast. Clips are much more illustrative of what a show really has going on. And the guys at the Taco Tuesday podcast — Uncle Dan, Adam Wolf, and Dave In The Cave —know that. We’ve clipped ‘em before. But this week, they sent along a promo – it’s got a head, a tail, some chit chat in-between, and music bed throughout the whole thing. Maddening. But because I love the Taco Tuesday guys (and because they got this promo here using our upload link at, I’m going to let it slide.

Why Didn’t They Laugh?
Comedian Owen Benjamin, who is also an actor started a podcast where he tries to deconstruct his act. He plays portions of his performances and attempts to figure out what it was that kept an audience from laughing at the material. He’s almost 40 epis into Why Didn’t They Laugh? But our associate producer has clipped the very first episode, which features a recording of Owen’s father recounting a favorite joke. Tyson thinks the senior Benjamin sounds an awful lot like the late Spaulding Gray.

The Something Something Experience
We slipped this clip of The Something Something Experience onto the end of my interview with Michael John Simpson. It features he and his "co-caster", Kitty Brown, and their visit with comedian Ron Swallow. It seems Swallow has backed off performing fulltime, and their discussion gets into the challenge of making ends meet offstage, working as a freelancer in various industries.

Thanks for stuffing your ears full of Succotash Clips (with a little bit o’ chat). If you’d like to do a little something-something to pay us back for all this free chuckle n’ jivin’, we would adore your ratings and reviews up on iTunes, your thumbs-ups and reviews on Stitcher, a heart on SoundCloud, a Like on Facebook, a click on our Donate button or Amazon banner at — any or all of those options will make us all very happy around Studio P and some of them will even get you mentioned on an upcoming episode of our show!

Until next time, thanks very much for passing the Succotash!

— Marc Hershon

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Succotash Chats, Epi116F: Gearin' Up With Greg Proops

Yes, it's still Marc Hershon and I'm still at the 4th Annual Los Angeles Podcast Festival. Taking up space in the SquareSpace Podcast Lab and interviewing comedians, podcasters, and comedian-podcasters as they breeze through the doorway.

I'm releasing each interview as its own "minisode", and this is the sixth in the lineup, which is why it is Episode 116F. And my guest this time around was our guest on a full episode of Succotash back in Epi109 in May: Greg Proops. At this festival, he's guesting on Jackie Kashian's The Dork Forest, performing his own show, and guesting on Dinner Party Download.

Known for his tenure on the various incarnations of Whose Line Is It Anyway on TV, Greg is the host of The Smartest Man In The World and the Greg Proops Film Club. He's also recently released his first book, The Smartest Book In The World. And now he's on a jagged world journey — hopping, skipping, and jumping to different countries around the world to promote the book, mostly by doing his podcast in the same locales as well.

Greg and I revisit some of the topics we hit on back in May when he was on the show: The challenges of doing improv as a guest performer, keeping an act fresh, staying sane on the road, and more.

I'm posting this on Sunday, the last day of the @LAPodfest. I'm not sure who else might sweep through the portals of the Lab, but I'll grab who I can and bring those Succotash Chats to you.

Thanks for passing the Succotash!

— Marc Hershon

Succotash Chats, Epi116E: Hangin' With The Man(cini)

Guess what? It's me, Marc Hershon, once again, your host and floor walker for Epi116E of Succotash, the Comedy Podcast Podcast. And I'm still camped out in the SquareSpace Podcast Lab at the 4th Annual Los Angeles Podcast Festival.

This is the fifth in a lineup of Succotash Chats minisodes, and for those of you curious about the mindset behind both the @LAPodfest and Ear Buds, The Podcast Documentary, I leapt at the chance to interview Chris Mancini - heavily involved in both of those endeavors.

Chris is co-host of the well-respected Comedy Film Nerds podcast along with Graham Elwood, and the duo is also the brains and muscle behind Ear Buds. Plus they are one-half of the quartet that has pulled the Los Angeles Podcast Festival together the past four years, teamed with Dave Anthony and Andy Woods.

We talk about the movie, the festival, and what other projects Chris has simmering on the back, middle and front burners of a mind that never seems to be at rest.

I hope you're enjoying our lineup of interviews from the Podfest - there's more on the way later today, so check back frequently for updates.

Thanks for passing the Succotash!

— Marc Hershon

Succotash Chats, Epi116D: Puttin' On Ear Goggles

Yes, once again from the 4th Annual Los Angeles Podcast Festival, it's me. Marc Hershon, your host and flamenco dancer for Epi116D of Succotash, the Comedy Podcast Podcast. The fourth interview I did is from yesterday (Saturday), and I caught up with Jeremy and Stacy, two-thirds of the crew from the Ear Goggles podcast.

If you haven't heard of Ear Goggles, I don't think they'd blame you…yet. That's because for the past ten years, the two of them (along with Jeremy's half-brother Aaron) have been sailing under the Sibling Rivalry banner. I've mentioned and clipped them as such in past Succotash episodes, and we discuss why someone with a decade-long investment in a show title would decide to change now.

We cover a number of other topics as well in the course of our 20-minute chat, including the relationships between the podcast and its audience, Jeremy revealing personal things to strangers, and explore the question, "Should the cast of a comedy podcast consider themselves to be comedians?"

Keep on checking in on our stream this weekend, as I continue to upload interviews as soon as I can clean up the audio as best I can and drop them online! (And I appreciate you telling your friends and passing the SuccotashI)

— Marc Hershon

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Succotash Chats, Epi116C: Slummin' with Shawn Marek

Yes, once again, it is I. Marc Hershon. Host and dresser for Epi116C of Succotash, the Comedy Podcast Podcast. This is the third of the interviews I've had during the course of this year's Los Angeles Podcast Festival, and this time I'm talking with Shawn Marek, a producer on podcasts that find their home on the Sideshow Network.

Shawn and I have known each other before there was a Sideshow Network, back when he was producing PodCRASH with Chris Gore, past guest on our Epi42 and friend of the show. And, although I knew he'd battled and survived a fight against Hodkin's Lymphoma, I didn't realize that his is one of the storylines that weaves their way through EarBuds: The Podcast Documentary, which had a preliminary screening last night at the Podfest.

We talk about both his illness and his appearance in the movie as part of our chat. For those podcasters out there, curious about podcast networks and how to possibly approach them with an interest to joining their lineup, we go there as well. We also talk about the podcast that he and his wife, Jen Stansfield-Marek, co-host, Worst Collection Ever, a comic book podcast about comics books that most people don't seem to care that much about.

With his extensive experience on the other side of the podcast mic, Shawn's got a great perspective on the industry — both as an entertainment medium and as a viable source of income.

Keep on checking in on our stream this weekend, as I continue to upload interviews as soon as I can clean up the audio as best I can and drop them online! (And I appreciate you telling your friends and passing the SuccotashI)

— Marc Hershon

Succotash Chats, Epi116B: Jawin' with Jackie Kashian

Yes, it's me, Marc Hershon. Your host and talent wrangler for Epi116B of Succotash, the Comedy Podcast Podcast, and I'm still hanging out in the SquareSpace Podcast Lab at the 4th Annual Los Angeles Podcast Festival. Happy to report that, after several years of my half-assed attempts to get Jackie Kashian, the host of The Dork Forest, on the show…it's finally happened.

We didn't have a whole lot of time, and the noise level in the Podcast Lab is a little off the charts while Jackie dropped by. But you take what you can get and I was glad that Jackie and I finally got the chance to chat while miked.

We talk about, after 250+ episodes, how does Jackie keep finding so many flavors of dork out in the world. We also chatted a lot about some tech stuff, like the difficulty of cleaning up audio files. And the virtues and pitfalls of improv. I also shamelessly pitched her on bringing me on her show as a guest. I figured I had to take my shot…

Give a listen, tell your friends, and thanks for passing the Succotash!

— Marc Hershon

Succotash Chats, Epi116A: Wranglin' Wayne Federman

Yes, It's me, Marc Hershon. Your host and podfest attendee for Succotash, the Comedy Podcast Podcast, Epi116A. That's right. A. Hopefully we'll be filling out at least a few more letters of the alphabet by the time the 4th Annual Podcast Festival draws to a close, as we're lumping all the content from it under the Epi116 banner.

My first interview was with the gloriously glib Wayne Federman, comedian, actor and co-host of Human Conversations with Erin McGaffey.

Wayne and I have known each other through the world of standup comedy for a number of years - 25 of them, maybe - and it's always a treat to hang out when the chance pops up. I was rambling around the hall outside the conference rooms that the live podcasts are taking place in and happened up him. Turns out he wasn't up to much and he swung by the SquareSpace Podcast Lab to chat for a bit.

In our 20-something minutes together, Wayne and I talk about podcast tech, his podcast, and an exciting project he has coming out — The Wayne Federman Chronicles. A compilation of his standup that spans 30 years. He tells us restoring sets from old VHS tapes and how and where this amazing collection will soon be available.

Keep an ear glued to our feed all weekend for more Succotash Chats coming from the LA Podfest. And thanks for passing the Succotash!

— Marc Hershon

Friday, September 18, 2015

Succotash Chats Epi115.5: Overtonin' In Overdrive

Yes, it's me — Marc Hershon – your host and chauffeur for this special Podfest Halfisode, Epi115 and a half of Succotash, the Comedy Podcast Podcast. Record as I drove down Interstate 5 this morning between San Francisco and Los Angeles, don't be looking for any clips in this sucker.

It's just me, yacking about whatever came into my head. Some ruminating about my performance as the emcee for last night's TEDx Marin event, and some cogitating about the state of podcasting today.

Or it WAS going to be just about me. Halfway down the road I got tired of hearing my own voice and so called longtime friend and past Succotash guest Rick Overton, the host of Overview, his own podcast over on the Sideshow Network.

We chatted about his guest appearance on Blunt Talk, the new Patrick Stewart show on Starz, as well as his landing a new national commercial for GE. And about Kelly Carlin' new book, The Carlin Home Companion: Growin Up With George. Rick was among a vast cadre of mutual friends who showed up just the other night at the Barnes & Noble in the Grove shopping center in Los Angeles for her book signing and reading.

As I write this, I am at an undisclosed location in Burbank, shaking out my brand new Succotash t-shirt and getting all spiffed up to register at the Sofitel for the 4th Annual Los Angeles Podcast Festival. Hopefully, throughout this weekend, I'll be posting a series of Succotash minisodes featuring interviews with whomever manage to snag in my podcast snare.

Check back for those soon, and please remember to pass the Succotash!

— Marc Hershon

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Succotash Clips Epi115: Jammin' With Podclips

Yes, ‘tis I, Marc Hershon, your host and third base coach for Epi115 of Succotash, the Comedy Podcast Podcast. And this is yet another Succotash Clips episode.

Been a while since we’ve sat down at the Succotash microphones and had a good long yackfest with someone. But that’s about to change, as I am on the eve of making the Kessel Run from San Francisco to Los Angeles, in order to make it into town for the 4th Annual Los Angeles Podcast Festival this weekend. If you’re in the Southland and want to check it out, the shindig is at the Sofitel in West Hollywood, right across from the humungoid Beverly Center. You can get tickets and information at

I’m anticipating a whole lot of talkin’ going on, both from folks talking to me in the SquareSpace Podcast Lab AND from me talking to podcasters on their shows. I have some specifics about some of that action coming up when we get to the Tweetsack segment later on in the show.

Podclip Roundup

Clips featured this episode have been snippeted from: Chillpak Hollywood Hour, Illusionoid, The JV Club, The Manchild Show, The Red & Jay Show, Studious Studs, The Bitter Sound, and Tiny Odd Conversations. There's also a special teaser for the ManBuyCow Podcast! (If you’re a comedy podcaster and would like us to include a clip from your show, you can use our direct upload link to get us your 3-5 minute MP3 clip – it’s

We also have a classic commercial for Henderson’s Too Cool For S'cool Pants, a Burst O’ Durst with political comedian & social commentator Will Durst, musing about what some of the presidential candidates may have been up to during their summer vacations, and a new song about spiders from frequent contributor Abner Serd.

Good Cause Alert!

Our old buddy Ethan Dettenmaier, host of Combat Radio, has a new project out to raise much-needed money for social services, called Combat Radio Halloween. It’s got a bunch of crazy good talent on it, reading spooky stories and generally ripping All Saints’ Day a new a-hole. Download YOUR copy of Combat Radio Halloween by clicking over to


Chillpak Hollywood Hour
Dean Haglund & Phil Leirness
I included a clip from Chillpak HOllywood Hour this week, hosted by podcast royalty Dean Haglund and Phil Leirness, not just because they amuse me but because they employed this show's proprietary coinage of the term tweetsack. There's a bit of echo on Dean's side of the conversation in this clip - apparently, co-hosting form Sydney, Australia is not without it's audio aberrations. (There's a plan, incidentally, to have yours truly as a Skyped-in guest for their episode next week to report on the Podfest and also to give a review of Ear Buds, the new documentary about podcasters and podcasting that will debut at the Podfest on Friday night.)

The JV Club
Janet Varney with guest Kelly Carlin
The last time we had Ms. Janet Varney grace our microphones was almost a year ago at LAST year’s LA Podfest. I just saw her in a rough cut of a new movie we’re talked about here before: Diani and Devine Meet The Apocalypse. And she’s hilarious, as always. You hear her voice all over the place, including as the voice of Korra in The Legend of Korra, and as the voice of She’s 170 episodes into her podcast, The JV Club, where she mostly interviews women of show business — except during her Boys Of Summer series, which just ended. Her latest guest is also a friend and past guest of Succotash — dating back to Episode 9, no less — and it’s none other than Kelly Carlin, who has been touring with her one-woman show, A Carlin Home Companion: Growing Up With George. She and Janet sharing some things in common, including being the only child in their respective families.

Paul Bates, Lee Smart & Nug Nahrgang
One of my favoritest shows ever, Illusionoid!, just kicked off their 5th year and 5th season of podcasting. The Terrific Trio from Toronto — Paul Bates, Lee Smart, and Nug Nahrgang — still the best name in podcasting — runs a fantastic improvised sci-fi themed show that is consistently funny. I just reviewed the episode this particular clip is from for and Huffington Post. The episode is called “Day Million”, and features three owners of a copy store that has somehow existed for over 2000 years…and their lone customer on this fateful day.

Rufus & Howard
We normally don’t play promos for podcasts on Succotash because, well, I think clips make better promos than…promos. BUT I have been waiting patiently enough for the return of the ManBuyCow Podcast with Rufus and Howard. Season 3 is imminent and there’s finally word that it’s almost here.

The ManChild Show
Vintendo, Pistol Pete, Nicole Cole, Rev. Sir Chano, Jessie BoomBattz
From ManBuyCow we go to The Manchild Show. We’ve been getting a lot of Twitter action from @PistolePeteMC, who is one of the hosts of Manchild. He tells me that, since he’s come onboard, he’s been trying to steer the show away from some of comedy’s low-hanging fruit — which I assume is a metaphor for testicle jokes. Pete really wanted me to play something from their next episode but it’s not ready yet. So I’m playing the clip I harvested from their previous installment because, well, who knows? The network may punch our ticket and we’ll be out of here before the next show starts.

Tiny Odd Conversations
Travis Clark and Brandy Clark
We haven’t played anything from Tiny Odd Conversations for a bit, which means we completely missed out on celebrating their Episode 200. If you haven’t caught TOCpod, it’s with our friends Travis and Brandy Clark, a delightful couple from Los Angeles. First of all, kids, congrats on hitting your Epi 200! And second of all, this clip has Trav and Brandy ruminating about: How do parents manage to let their kids try all sorts of sports and activities without being fabulously rich? (I manage to catch up with the Clarks pretty much every time I get to LA, so I know that they’ve been busy and getting their episodes out regularly has been tough. Believe me, I know what that’s like, and I don’t blame ‘em a bit.)

Red & Jay Show
Red & Jay
Red and Jay are back! Red and Jay are back! I actually don’t know who these guys are, but according to their homesite, they're five episodes in after being off for a year. There’s not a lot of info on these guys on their site, just their first names. Or nicknames, maybe? I don’t know. But I DO know they are opinionated. About stuff that some of us probably don’t even thing a lot about. In the snippet we harvested, they’re going off about HR. Human Resources, that is…

The Bitter Sound
Davian Dent & Matt Bubbles
One of the staunchest supporters of this show and what we do here — namely, let YOU know about comedy podcasts — is Davian Dent over in the UK. He’s involved in a couple of podcasts, including Strange Times and his own The Bitter Sound, a show that’s an ongoing experiment and experience in audio wonderment. The ol’ BS has been down for a bit, but it’s coming back, baby! And Davian, along with his sometimes sidekick, Matt Bubbles, created this preview of a piece of the upcoming first show of his new season just for you…and it's one of the more disgusting uses for the "theater of the mind" in recent memory.

Studious Studs
Shaq Scott and Terrance
Next up is a clip from the Studious Studs podcast with Shaq Scott and Terrance. I found these guys because they’d re-tweeted something of ours. Found out they’re into their second season, after taking a break for the summer. Their website describes the show as “A weekly podcast that sits down and discusses life's obstacles and events in a very funny way.” Okay, I’ll buy that. This clip clues us in on what the guys have to say about a recent Chris Brown concert…

Thanks for reading this blog and, hopefully, taking time out to listen to the actual podcast. That's what it's there for. Don’t forget to jump up to iTunes to rate and review us – that’s about the only thing that gets us noticed. If you want to flip us a few coins, feel free to access the Donate button or the Amazon banner or our Succotashery, all through our homesite at

Until the next time we invade your earholes, thanks for passing the Succotash!

— Marc Hershon

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Succotash Clips Epi114: Slippin' You Some More Clippage

Yes, it’s me. Marc Hershon. Your host and drum major for Epi114 — the Labor Day Edition — of Succotash, the Comedy Podcast Podcast. And it’s another Succotash Clips installment – loading you up with a lot of clips because in a few weeks I’ll be down at the 4th Annual LA Podcast Festival, and I will have a pile of interviews from our stakeout in the SquareSpace Podcast Lab. which means we should have some bodacious Succotash Chats upon my return.

I’ve harvested some of this episodes clips, while others have been sent in by comedy podcasters just like you…if you’re a comedy podcaster, that is. Of course, if you’re a listener to a comedy podcast you like, you can drop me a line, at and let us know the show you like. Then I can send our erstwhile Associate Producer Tyson Saner out to clip an episode from it.

And for you comedy podcasters, you can even upload you clip directly to us via our upload link:

On the show this time around we’re featuring clips from Broken Filter, Geek Blast, Grabbing Lunch, 98 Problems, Rude Alchemy, Stab!, and Tall Tales with our friend Abner Serd.

Bursts O' Durst

We also have a double dose of Durst, this episode, with resident political comedian and social commentator Will Durst, with two of our Burst O’ Durst segments. Will is pointing out the benefits of the looonnnnnnggggg Presidential election campaign, and then he's got a special Labor Day Burst heading your way.

In addition this show, we have a visit to the Podcast Graveyard, a brand new Henderson’s Pants commercial and a dip into the ol’ TweetSack.

Appearing Live

Coming up live this month, on Thursday evening, September 17th, I’ll be hosting an evening of inspirational and informative speakers as part of the TedX Marin event. I’m just there to keep things moving –but it’s a great slate of speakers that you can’t see because I just found out the event is sold out. So why am I telling you about it? Bragging, probably.

Then, right after that, Friday through Sunday, September 18th through 20th, I’ll be – as I said – at the LA Podfest. And you can be there, too, because that is NOT sold out! Tix and deets at And you can look for me with our Succotash merch, mics and mayhem in the SquareSpace Podcast Lab.

Put Your Eyes Where Your Ears Are

We’ve been putting out a little webazine the past couple of months, The Succotash Daily. It’s aggregated content around podcasts and comedy and, sometimes, comedy websites. You can check it out and subscribe at, and it will be delivered to your inbox every morning.

Podcast Graveyard

I chose to exhume this episode’s Podcast Graveyard victim, The Comedy Buffet, because I realized I hadn’t heard from Michael Powell, the host of the podcast for a while, nor had I seen any tweets from the show. Turns out it went tits up a while back – Mike contacted me to let me know he’d just gotten kind of bored with it, but that he’s cooking up some new concept and may be back with a different show soon. He’s done a great job of hiding the body, as I was having a lot of trouble trying to find a past show to clip, but then I remembered that we’d featured The Comedy Buffet way back in 2011, in our epi number SEVEN. In the clip, Michael chats about diabetes with his guests, Jason and Jesse, from the Van Full of Candy podcast. (Haven't heard from VFoC for a while, either — are they next up in the graveyard???)


Rude Alchemy 
This past week, for my podcast review on Splitsider and the Huffington Post, rather than just listen to a single episode of a show, I gobbled up the entire third season of a podcast called Rude Alchemy. The season is only five episodes, and they’re pretty short, so I don’t want you thinking I was really going crazy. The title for the season is The Plague Clowns, and it’s a really well put-together show. Solid writing and performances, a layered story – TWO stories, really – which is compelling enough to make you want to binge listen the hell out of it.

Grabbing Lunch
Podcasters who are wondering about good ways to get clipped on Succotash obviously don’t listen enough to realize that if you can somehow feature me or Succotash on your podcast, that will sually do the trick. I was in LA a couple of months ago and was invited to chow down by Matt Knudsen, the host of the Grabbing Lunch podcast, at Izzy’s Deli in Santa Monica. We were joined by friend-of-Succotash Cole Stratton, the co-host of the Pop My Culture podcast and co-founder of the San Francisco Sketchfest. It was a wide-ranging chat – we even talked about Matt’s Hungarian in-laws…

Geek Blast
Succotash suddenly started getting a lot of Twitter love from Corrosive Radio, which has a couple of shows streaming on internet radio, which is podcasting’s cousin. Even though they’re not technically podcasts, I thought I’d pay their kindness forward and offer you a clip from a past Geek Blast show, where they had guest Clark Gregg, who stars as Agent Coulson on Marvel’s Agents of Shield.

I don’t know a whole lot about Stab!, one of the only podcasts with an exclamation point in the title. It’s excerpted from a live comedy show by the same name in the Sacramento, California, area. The detail on the show on iTunes says, “This rapid fire comedy panel show about everything gives 4 comedians 3 days to write their own personal spins on six different topics.” The hosts are John Ross and Jesse Jones. And Jesse was savvy enough to use our direct upload link to send us this clip from a past show, where the topic was ISIS. 

98 Problems
We’ve had a few of our recent tweets kindly retweeted by the boys of the 98 Problems podcast. So I figured I’d do ‘em a solid and clip a recent episode. When I went up to their homesite, I didn’t find a whole lot of information about the guys themselves. There’s Mike and Alex on the show. And a lot of references to Sammy. No other specifics, like last names or anything like that. So I went with what I heard: a clip, entitled “Drop Your Trousers”.

Tall Tales & Shaggy Dogs
At the tail end of Succotash in the past couple of episodes, I’ve played songs by a listener and contributor named Abner Serd. The songs are…well, rather unique. It turns out that Abner has a collection of stories out there, available via iTunes, and it’s in the podcast section on iTunes. Called Tall Tales & Shaggy Dogs, it’s a very loosely wrapped bit of business with a bunch of different stories and such. We're featuring a selection called Arithmefiction. (And if you hang in 'til after Bill Heywatt wraps up the show, you'll be treated to another Serd song, My Dog Blue.)

Broken Filter
The last podclip for this episode comes from yet another show that started retweeting us out of the kindness of their hearts. Broken Filter is a once-a-week Internet radio show over on, and it features hosts JoeRockstar and Jonesy (are those their REAL names, do you think?) They're live every Tuesday night at 8 PM — I think that’s East Coast time. I clipped a recent installment featuring Dave Pounder, the author of Obscene Thoughts. He's also a porn producer of some renown as well as a former adult film star.

By The Way

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Extra Bits

John Eder, the brains behind the To The Manor Borne By Robots podcast, informs us that his show is in the finals of the 2015 LA Weekly Best Of Competition, in the Best Podcast category. Which is pretty high honors – it's competing with Marc Maron's WTF and The Tom Leykis Show. Let's help him win this - but we only have until September 9th to vote! Go to and do your thing!

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Until we hit your earholes again, thanks for passing the Succotash.

— Marc Hershon