Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Succotash Epi341: Cartoons, Shakespeare & Tinseltown

Saluton, estas mi Tyson Saner welcoming you to this episode of Succotash, the Comedy Soundcast Soundcast, that numbers 341. This is the first episode that I've put together since putting together my Hundredth episode for episode 339. Yes, you heard me correctly, 339.

If this is your first time here, I should explain that my hosting duties are shared in a more-or-less every other weekly tradeoff with show creator and executive producer Marc Hershon. Last week for episode 340, Mr. Hershon brought you a "Chats" episode in which was featured special guest, Dr. London Smith of The Jock Doc Podcast. It's a very entertaining episode that you could check out at your earliest convenience by going to our homesite, www.succotashshow.com, where you can find the entire archive of shows going back to March of 2011.…Or, I guess you could just use whatever podcast streaming service you are currently listening to us on and go back a week…that would probably work too.

This week in Epi341 I've got clips from the soundcasts known as The Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast, Willy Shaker", and The Hollywood Experience. this installment is sponsored by our longtime fake sponsor Henderson's Pants and their Klept-O-Matic Trousers. (If you listened to Epi340 you will have heard a NEW advert from those aformentioned fictional freeloaders…which was quite enjoyable to hear.…So THAT's cool. Anyway, here is the clippage in store this time around…


The Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast
Twin animators Tom and Tony Bancroft get together and talk about their Disney Animation past, the present animation business, and the future of animation. Interviews with talented artists, inspirational words, and wild speculation will help you grow as a person - or not. Our clip is from Oct 21st, 2022, and features guest Henry Selick, the director of "A Nightmare Before Christmas" talking with the Bancrofts in HALLOWEEN MONTH!

Willy Shakers
From the show's description: "A soundcast where I talk about how much I love Willy. I hope if you listen you will love Willy too. No, Please get your mind out of the gutter, I mean William Shakespeare. So put the kettle on, grab yourself a cuppa and get your Willy out with me." I've selected a snippet from the first episode, which dropped at the beginning of this year, on January 5th, 2023. It's entitled "Much Ado About Nothing Act One: Good News Everybody!" We join host Billy Armstrong as he introduces us to the cast.

The Hollywood Experience
I clipped this soundcast originally for Episode 294, titled "Celebrity Adjacent" which dropped a bit over a year ago on March 1st, 2022. The host is actor, producer, and director Adrian Paul, who has over 200 hours of television and more than 35 film credits to his name. He talks with other actors, comic book creators, martial arts masters, showrunners, stunt professionals, and many others who have helped shape some of the most famous action films and TV shows in pop culture history. Joining him is co-host Ethan Dettenmaier, our old friend from Combat Radio. Our clip is from Episode #52 from January 16th, 2023, and features an interview with Claudia Christian (Babylon 5).

And that brings Episode 341 almost completely to a close. I do hope you'll find something enjoyable in what I brought to you. It is my goal to provide at least 3 clips for the show I do every 2 weeks and sometimes it is surprisingly difficult to be in the mood to listen to folks I've never heard speak before. Sometimes, I just want to listen to one of my favorite soundcasts and that does become a bit of a tradeoff as far as time is concerned.

Also, sometimes I am not in the mood for comedy. Funny thing, that. I love comedy and comedians, but burnout is real. All in all, I do think that listening to various strangers have conversations over the years has essentially made me a better listener. There's not enough space in my brain at the moment to remember if I have pointed that "better listener" thing out on the show before but…if I have…I can only apologize and say that it's just a true thing. I've had a lot of practice listening.

Maybe, one day I will listen to YOU talking on a soundcast…and perhaps I will enjoy what I am hearing so much, I will try to find a clip from your soundcast to feature here on Succotas"…assuming that by the time you have your soundcast recorded, edited and published that "Succotash" is still a thing. I don't see why it wouldn't be…it's just that time is a very real thing, and it appears to be nothing if not finite.

On that note, tune in next week for Epi342 where I imagine Marc Hershon will have something really neat for you to listen to. Thank you for listening, Be decent to each other, go to www.tysonsaner.com to find links to the rest of the stuff I have put out into the universe, and until I talk at you again please remember that there might be people in your life that would appreciate a suggestion of what to listen to on their own personal journey of soundcast listenership, and if you do think of us as a possible suggestion for them, we will always appreciate it if you could please pass the Succotash

— Tyson Saner

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Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Succotash Epi340 with special guest Dr. London Smith

Howdy do, my beautiful Succotashians! Even if this is your very first time applying our audiciously fragrant soundcast to your earholes, we still regard you as one of us. That’s how inclusive and “woke” Succotash, the Comedy Soundcast Soundcast is. (In fact, we consider ourselves to be “wuck”, the past tense of “woke”, because we’re so far beyond it…)

What am I even saying? There might be an exhaust leak going on right now in my Mobile Studio MX-30, except that this my Mazda EV so that’s not possible. Oh, well. Where are my manners? I’m Marc Hershon, your every-other-weekly host for this show and you’re listening to Episode 340. And – with no clips featured this time around — this will be our first Succotash Chat of the year!

If you missed last week’s installment, then I’ll wait while you go back and grab Epi339 with our delightful and alternating co-host Tyson Saner. T-Bone (a nickname I’ve never called him before) celebrated hosting his 100th Succotash show by cranking out a quartet of tasty clipbits from the shows The Movies That Made MeOf Mice and Men and MonstersThe Three Questions with Andy Richter, and Sensibly Cynical. You can find it all across the soundcastiverse – from Apple and Google Podcasts and Spotify, to Soundcloud, Amazon Music, Audible, iHeart Radio, and many, many other distribution points. If all else fails – or maybe try here first – hop over to our homesite at SuccotashShow.com.

As for this episode – and isn’t that why we’re all gathered here today? — my special guest is Dr. London Smith. He’s the host of The Jock Doc Podcast, a soundcast we’ve not only featured here before but which I was fortunate and delighted to have been invited to appear on several times. The show shares a little bit of similarity to Comedy Bang Bang, in that London and his producer, Cameron, have guests on who always are portraying interesting and mostly insane characters.

My chat with London goes into some interesting territory, and we spend a lot of time discussing the move he’s making in his career choice – away from medicine (he’s actually got bona fide doctor training and practice in his arsenal) and towards acting and comedy. He goes into when he was a “child star”, a title that I think has merit as he was the lead in a movie when he was 12 years old.

It's a lengthy chat, so I get right into it, right after a brand new commercial from our longtime, broke-ass sponsor Henderson’s Pants and their new Supply Chain Issue Pants!

The main jumping off point for him is at JockDocPodcast.com. The other links for some of the project London mention, like David Diamondhands on Tiktok, William Does Streaming, and Frozen Soul can be found hanging out in the blog entry for this very episode at our homesite, SuccotashShow.com.

That’s going to do it for Epi340. I have to go to the network president’s office and explain why we ran over time this episode – but I think it was worth it, don’t you? While I’m taking the heat for that, why don’t you jot down a reminder to come back to this same feed next week to catch Tyson Saner and Succotash Episode 241?

In the meantime, if you find yourself being chased down the street by a vicious dog and you manage to leap to safety through the open window of a passing car, and the startled driver looks down at you in their lap and asks, “Have you heard anything good lately?”, won’t you please pass the Succotash?

— Marc Hershon

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Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Succotash Epi339: 4 Clips & Tyson's 100th Show!

Saluton, estas mi Tyson Saner welcoming you to this episode of Succotash that numbers 339. This is my first fully produced episode for 2023, and I thank you for making this your listening destination for the next more-or-less half-hour of your life. Did you catch Epi338 last week? In it, executive producer and show creator Marc Hershon brought you an episode called "First-of-the-year Foursome" in which he selected for you a quartet of clips from the soundcasts known as SNAFU, The Retrospectors’ Today in History, The Worst Idea of All Time, and Unpopular Opinion.

Also in that episode a brand new advertisement from "our longtime, non-paying, and completely fake sponsor Henderson's Pants featuring the new Bottoms Up Cargo Pants, with a design inspired by our very own Bill Heywatt". So that's fun.

On a serious note…It was pointed out in that episode that THIS episode of Succotash will be the 100th that I have assembled. Some very nice and thoughtful things were said in that episode regarding my contributions to Succotash over the years and I couldn't be more grateful to be a part of this operation going on 9 years this April. It's nice to be appreciated.

This week on Succotash, I have 4 clips for you, from the soundcasts The Movies That Made Me, Of Mice and Men and Monsters, The Three Questions with Andy Richter, and…what's basically a bonus clip from Sensibly Cynical to lead off the proceedings…if that's the correct way to put things. And the whole shootin' match is brought to you by Henderson's Pants working man and woman's favorite: CoverAlls!


Sensibly Cynical
Recently over at the soundcast known as Sensibly Cynical, host Sean Pratten put together a clip show comprised of moments he determined to be the "Best of 2022". I have been fortunate enough to be asked to guest on his program 5 times in recent years, and Sean graciously decided to include a snippet of one of our conversations that took place in 2022. Eventually, we put together a list that was a "Mount Rushmore" of rock music. This clip is from earlier in the conversation.

The Movies That Made Me
Filmmakers and entertainers discuss the movies that inspired them. Hosted by Oscar nominated screenwriter and Trailers From Hell guru Josh Olson and fearless leader himself, director Joe Dante. The Movies That Made Me is recorded live in Hollywood and engineered by film composer Don Barrett. Our clip is from the premiere episode which dropped back in July of 2018 with guest, director Miguel Arteta (Beatriz At Dinner, The Good Girl, Duck Butter), who joins to discuss his love for the movies of Russ Meyer.

Of Mice And Men And Monsters
From the show's description, this is a real play podcast where Dungeons & Dragons collides with the classic stories you either love or completely avoided while in school. Join players Aaron, Adam, Kimmie, and Dungeon Master Katelyn, who is also a high school English teacher by day, as D&D elements are dropped into famous pieces of literature. The clip comes from July 27th, 2022 - Chapter 49: "Macbeth - Part 1" - As our heroes arrive at Lady Macbeth's villa, the hunt for the 2nd mysterious page has officially begun!

The Three Questions with Andy Richter
As the show's description enlightens us regarding this soundcast: host Andy Richter asks the same three questions to each guest: Where do you come from? Where are you going? What have you learned? These three simple questions, when answered honestly and thoughtfully, are enough to provide a pretty complete picture of who a person is. The answers are what Andy always wants to know about people. This will not be a one-sided process, as Andy won’t shy away from getting personal himself. I'm clipping from right toward the end of this past year, the epi that dropped the day after Christmas. Andy's guests are The Sklar Brothers. Randy and Jason join Andy Richter to discuss the marriage of sports and comedy, finding their scene(s), going to the same college as your twin, and much more.

Congratulations to us! We made it to the end of the beginning of Succotash 2023. Episode #339 comes more-or-less neatly to a close, and here we all are tearfully waving at it from the docks as it heads for the Undying Lands of the internet where nothing really goes away unless magnets… Hopefully?…We will have hard drives in our heads that will be magnetically shielded against accidental EMPs or perhaps M.R.I. machines…I'm not 100% sure how all that works, but I am grasping at straws.

Maybe things are supposed to go away regardless of modern methods of record-keeping. The more I think about it, I realize that all methods of record-keeping were "modern" at one point. Thankfully, we have the podcast — or the soundcast as we refer to them here on Succotash — as a way of keeping records that exist as long as the methods that preserve them are sound, and people take the time to listen to them.

So, thank you for taking some of your time to listen to us. We really appreciate it. Perhaps you'd like to share your experience of us with other people? We'd also appreciate that. And tank you to everyone at Succotash for making me feel welcome over the years…Thank you, the audience, for being with us whenever you are or were. Be decent to each other, and if someone asks you if you have heard anything good or interesting lately, and we happen to qualify as your answer…won't you please pass the Succotash?

— Tyson Saner

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Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Succotash Epi338: First-of-the-Year Foursome!

Welcome to our first “real” Succotash episode of 2023! I’m Marc Hershon, your host for this week’s Episode 338, “First-of-the-Year Foursome”. Here’s wishing you and yours a fantastic New Year. As your Comedy Soundcast Soundcast, we’ll be bringing you a whole bunch of clips throughout this coming year. Mostly from comedy soundcasts – our name for “podcasts” – but we also vary from that from time to time. All to give you a taste of the hundreds of thousands of shows that are out there in Soundcastland. We sample ‘em for you with hopes you’ll be curious enough to go check ‘em out yourself.

When I say “we”, in case you’re new to this program, it’s all about me and my awesome co-host Tyson Saner. (Although we’re co-hosts, we prefer to divide and conquer, meaning that we each host alternating weeks.)

And the reason I call this the first “real” episode of the year? The past two installments of this soundcast were Succotash “Second Helpings, with the most recent one, Epi337, with your aforementioned loyal and faithful co-host Tyson, featured a reheating of Episode 173 with special guest Hunter Block. You can still catch wherever you find, get, or trap your soundcasts, including Soundclouds, Spotify, PodBay, iHeart Radio, YouTube, Amazon Music, Audible, Stitcher, Apple and Google Podcasts. Feel free to start your hunt right at our homesite, SucccotashShow.com, where the entire archive of almost 12 years of shows has been loving curated for you.

So what do I have in store for you, snippet-wise in this installment? I have delectable samples from SNAFU, The Retrospectors’ Today in History, The Worst Idea of All Time, and Unpopular Opinion. As if that’s not enough, we also have a sparkling, brand new advertisement from our longtime, non-paying, and completely fake sponsor Henderson’s Pants, featuring the new Bottoms Up Cargo Pants, with a design inspired by our very own Bill Heywatt.


Our first offering is a clip from a show hosted by comedian, actor, and now soundcaster Ed Helms, who you hopefully know from his stints on The Daily Show, The Office, and the Hangover movie franchise. The show’s description puts it best, in that the show is about history’s greatest screw-ups. The first season of SNAFU, which recently concluded, delved into the story of something called Able Archer 83, a NATO military exercise that almost touched off a nuclear was in November or 1983. Maybe. If you ever saw, heard about, or remembered a feature film from that same year: Wargames, starring Matthew Broderick as a kid who ends up tangling with a military battle simulator computer that, well, almost starts nuclear Armageddon. Or does it? Anyway, it’s a great show, uncovering stuff in history most of us probably don’t know anything about. As part of his uncovering the story, Ed talked to both Broderick and the director, John Badham. And after the season was mostly over, he recently dropped a bonus episode featuring his chats with the two Wargamers. We have a sample of his convo with Matthew…

The Retrospectors: This Day in History
This is a daily show, as evidenced by the title, but each episode only runs about 10 minutes. So it’s either a great kickoff to your other soundcasts or a nice palate cleanser between shows. Hosted by Olly Mann, Rebecca Messina, and Arion McNicoll, each episode is packed full of fascinating tidbits about something in particular that occurred that particular day in the past, as well as many of the trappings that surrounded it. Our clip comes from an episode that dropped last Friday called “Rink-O-Mania!” and rips the cover off the invention and introduction of the first roller skates…

The Worst Idea of All Time
I’m reasonably certain that you had to have heard of the next soundcast we’re featuring. Hailing from New Zealand, TWIOAT quickly got notoriety when it popped onto the scene in 2014. That’s because the two hosts, Guy Montgomery and Tim Batt, centered the whole freshman year of the show by watching and reviewing the Adam Sandler movie Grown Ups 2. Once a week. Every week. For an entire year. Then they went on to do the same thing with Sex and The City 2, Sex and The City, We Are Your Friends, and the Emmanuelle franchise of softcore porn films. Their latest challenge? The Fast and Furious franchise. The franchise. In reverse order. While they still mostly go it alone – who else would want this crazy duty – they occasionally bring in people that are fascinated by their ordeal. Just last week, they dredged through the details of F9, as the 9th installment is lovingly known, with none other than comedian, actor, and soundcast host, performer, producer, and all-time most frequent guest Paul F. Tompkins. In our clip, Paul starts to explain the plot of the film as if he had to pitch it to a crowd of people fleeing a burning theater.

Unpopular Opinion
Comedian and writer Adam Tod Brown and co-host Jeff bring you Unpopular Opinion every week. It’s often relevant news and pop culture-related topics, of which the guys often have contrary perspectives. Back a few weeks ago, in December, they dropped an episode entitled “The Ballad of P22”, which was the designation of an storied and infamous mountain lion roaming the Los Angeles environs. They talk about P22’s history and recent demise, some news stories about the Los Angeles city council, Dungeons and Dragons as therapy and the saga of Burnt Toast, which was the name of a cat that, well, just may have killed an alligator. Listen up…

That’s it for the clips this week but now is the time to get yourself ready for our next week’s show, Episode 339, because it is Tyson Saner’s ONE HUNDREDTH SHOW! I’m not sure what he’s got in store but man, am I glad we have him. Speaking honestly, if Tyson hadn’t accepted the challenge to jump in hear – first as a host to relieve me for a couple and then to alternate weeks with me since the start of the COVID pandemic, you would not have a Succotash Show to listen to today. So be sure to grab next week’s show from this feed and don’t be shy about sending in some congratulations, either on our @SuccotashShow Twitter and Instagram accounts but directly to him here at tyson@SuccotashShow.com!

See you week after next. And, in the meantime, if you get pulled over by a police officer and you don’t think you’ve done anything wrong, just wait until he strolls up to the car, roll down the window and expect him to ask, “Have you heard anything good lately?” At that point, won’t you please pass him the Succotash?

— Marc Hershon

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Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Succotash Epi337 - Second Helping of Epi173 with special guest Hunter Block

Felicxan Novjaron, estas mi Tyson Saner, and I am not here for this episode. This is a trip back into the archives of Succotash — a "Second Helping", if you will to ring in the new year with classic material! Happy New Year to you!

Although I am not here right now I am recording this portion of the program so as to inform you what is going on. There are multiple origins and convergences of events and personalities to be listened to and we will be getting to them shortly.

If you missed last week's installment of this very soundcast, Marc Hershon also served up a Succotash Second Helping from way back in @015. It was Episode 119, and featured his interview with comedian & actor Brian Haley. You can still retrieve it from any of the popular soundcast distribution points on the web, inclduing Apple & Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, Amazon Music, Audible, iHeart Radio, Soundcloud, You Tube, Podbay, Podchaser and, if all else fails, you can always, always, always track it down at our homesite, SuccotashShow.com, where we have an archive going back to the start of this show almost 12 years ago.

This episode contains large portions of Succotash Chats Episode 173: "Bein' Social with Hunter Block". Originally published July 20th, 2018. This was the 10th episode of Succotash I put together as host of Succotash. I have excised the opening from around that time so don't have to suffer thru it, but I have left the outro part of my speech intact so that you'll at least partially understand what I am not subjecting you to at the beginning.

Thank you for listening, I will probably have something newish for you in two weeks... and you can also tune in in about a week to Epi338 which will probably be brought to you by Mr. Hershon. Go to www.tysonsaner.com for bunches of content and follow me on TikTok under "tysonsaner" for little bits of content...and perhaps I could be persuaded to dance...

Be decent to each other, enjoy this conversation from the past...

"Thank you Bill Heywatt"

We now return you to my conversation with Hunter Block already in progress.

— Tyson Saner

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Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Succotash Epi336 - Second Helping of Epi119 with special guest Brian Haley

Happy holiday limbo week, listener, as we say au revoir to 2022 and hello to 2023! Welcome to Succotash, the Comedy Soundcast Soundcast, Episode 336. I’m Marc Hershon, your host this week for a Succotash Second Helping because I – like many of you – am on vacation from work this week and didn’t want to miss too much of it by cobbling together…I’m sorry…curating a collection of fresh soundcast clips for you this time out.

If you missed last week’s show, my partner in crime Tyson Saner (our "crime" being the promotion of soundcasts by playing clips from those shows) brought out a trio of snippets for Epi335 entitled “Clips For Christmas!” The shows featured included Hollywood Palms PodcastThe Besties, and The Viral Podcast. You can still grab it wherever you find your quality soundcasts – places like Apple & Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Soundcloud, Amazon Music, Spotify, Audible, iHeart Radio, Facebook, PodBay, Podchaser and, of course, at our Succotashshow.com homesite, which houses that episode and 334 more going back almost 12 years.

As I said, I’m off this week so I’ve opened the vault that holds the Succotash archives and digging way back 7 years or so – to our Epi119 that dropped on November 5, 2015. It features my interview with comedian and actor Brian Haley, in an episode entitled “Takin’ Haley’s Comments”.

This episode also features a double dose of our old Burst O’ Durst feature with comedian Will Durst. Update on Will’s condition: As many of you know, he suffered a stroke while waiting backstage for a show a little over 3 years ago and is still on the road to recovery. He’s been doing a little bit of performing in the past year – nothing too strenuous or long-winded, and he is still in a recovery facility undergoing daily physical therapy to get back walking again, as well as to regain full use of his left arm. The Go Fund Me account that was established back when this all began is still up and running, because the medical bills keep piling up. If you want to help out, just click over to https://www.gofundme.com/f/awukk-will-durst-needs-your-help (or use the direct link above…)

That's really what the show is this week, but it's a jumbo-sized episode running over an hour, so I hope you enjoy it!

Tyson plans to take a holiday week off next week, too, so watch this same feed for another Succotash Second Helping and, then after that, we’ll both be back with the live, up-to-the-minute soundcast clip madness again! Until then, have a Happy New Year!

— Marc Hershon

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Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Succotash Epi335: Clips for Christmas!

Saluton, Feliĉan Kristnaskon, Feliĉa Ĥanuko, and if you are listening to this between or after December 26th 2022 to January 1st 2023, Feliĉa Kwanzaa! Welcome to Episode #335 of Succotash that is the last episode before Christmas of 2022. I am Tyson Saner, and I will be your host for the duration.

If you listened to last week's Epi334, then you know that it was hosted by show creator and executive producer Marc Hershon, with whom I share hosting duties with for alternating episodes. In that episode you were no doubt delighted to enjoy the content that he brought you in the form of a show titled Season's Clippings!, which featured five, count 'em, FIVE clips from other peoples' soundcasts, namely the shows known as Hey, Riddle, Riddle; Jordan Klepper Fingers the Conspiracy; Man Thinkers; The Salty Language Podcast AND Fandom!. Also, there was no spot from our longtime FAKE sponsor "Henderson's Pants" to be heard in that episode. There was, instead, a brand-new spot from Bill Heywatt offering his Master Class…on running master classes. It's a well-stuffed stocking of an episode, and I urge you to check it out whenever you can. It is still available to listen to thru the listening platforms Apple & Google Podcasts, Spotify, Soundcloud, Stitcher, Audible, iHeart Radio, YouTube, Amazon Music, PodBay, Podchaser, and at our homesite SuccotashShow.com, where we have that episodes and all of the other ones dating back almost 12 years in the Succotash archives.

But that was last week, and this is this week, and for this week I've got 3 clips for you from the soundcasts known as Hollywood Palms Podcast, The Besties, and The Viral Podcast. I've also decided to include a classic Holiday Season Henderson's Pants ad because…'tis the season.

I can't think of any reason to delay the proceedings any further, so let's get to it.


Hollywood Palms Podcast
Genius Royale presents the Hollywood Palms Podcasts, wherein each week they interview a guest and then give them a palm reading and talk about their past, present and future. Our clip is snipped from recent Episode 4 from November, 2022, and features guest Sara Benincasa, host of the Well, This Isn’t Normal soundcast and author of "Real Artists Have Day Jobs", "Agorafabulous!" and more!

The Besties
As the show's description goes, "It's 'Game of the Year' meets 'King of the Hill' as four of Earth's best friends – Griffin McElroy, Justin McElroy, Chris Plante, and Russ Frushtick – rank and review their favorite video games. Because shouldn't the world's best friends pick the world's best games?" Our selected snippet is from November 17th, 2022, an episode netitled "Boldly Going Where No Hedgehog's Gone Before in Sonic Frontiers", and in this clip is the end of the conversation about the game "Somerville", which leads into a conversation about the game "Pentiment" on Xbox Game Pass.

The Viral Podcast
I read that hosts Chelcie Lynn and Paige Ginn are comedians — not therapists — but they have a soundcast which is pretty much the same thing. We sample that in this clip from Epi60 from earlier this month, when the hosts talked about terrible roommates, human tables, goals, salt baths, self help, jokes, would-you-rathers, Oh Do Me, and much more!

And that brings us more or less neatly to the end portion of Epi335. I do hope you find something in this episode that was enjoyable, and perhaps you will go in search of one or all of the soundcasts you heard to listen to more of their content. If you do, tell 'em Succotash sent you. You'd be doing us a huge favor and we appreciate you for it.

We also appreciate your listening to the end of this episode so you can hear me tell you how much you are appreciated. In the spirit of the season and of the idea itself, be sure to remember to tell those that you appreciate that you do, as often as you can. I feel like that might help foster a social environment that will be more beneficial to the overall psyche of society…if that's a thing. I believe it can be.

So, until after Christmas, I've been Tyson Saner wishing you the happiest of holiday seasons that could ever be possible. Thank you Marc Hershon, Joe Paulino, Bill Heywatt, Kenny Durgess, and Scott Carvey for more than a decade of the feeling that I belong somewhere. Enjoy Episode 336, see you again in Episode 337…probably…Be decent to each other and, If you wouldn't mind, please…pass the Succotash.

— Marc Hershon

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