Sunday, April 13, 2014

Succotash Epi85: Delvin' with Davian Dent

Hi! It's me, Marc Hershon, and this is the official blog entry for Epi85 of Succotash, the Comedy Podcast Podcast.

What’s it been? THREE weeks since the last episode went out? Damn, if I was on a network they would have dropped my sorry ass by now. But - as always - thank YOU for listening.

And thanks to this episode's special guest co-host for being here all the way from England! Davian Dent is not only host of his own podcast, The Bitter Sound, but he also co-hosts another one called Strange Times. Davian is with me for the entire show. He's also a musician and an audio wunderkind as well. He's brought some clips, I've brought some clips and there's also quite a bit of chat in between.

And what, exactly, is on the show today, you might ask? Clips, of course. Davian selected some, I picked some, we’re going to play clips from both of Davian’s shows.

I also have a quick chat with Mike Guido, an old friend of mine who started out in standup comedy years ago in the burgeoning San Francisco scene but went away from it for a long time. Now he's back with a touching one-man show, A Real Man - Dad. Daughter. Autism. And Mike's just trying to raise a mere $9000 in the next couple of weeks to turn his stage show into a video to raise awareness for autism. Find out more through our brief conversation, check out his video on and see if you don't find it to be a very worth cause. (Succotash put our money into the kitty…)

In addition to clips n' chat, this week's epi also feature TWO Bursts O' Durst with our political comedy correspondent Will Durst, a brand new commercial for Henderson's Pants and a rummage around the ol' Tweetsack.

The 10 Most Active Shows In Stitcher's Top 100 Comedy Podcast List

SURPRISE! This week I'm trying an experiment to NOT list the !0 Most Active shows here on the blog. Instead, you're going to have to download or stream the show in order to hear Davian and I reading the list aloud, to music no less.


Chillpak Hollywood Hour
Hosts Dean Haglund and Phil Leirness are just about to close out their seventh year of consecutive weekly podcasts. in the clip this week we learn that myself and our Associate Producer Tyson Saner are being outed on Chillpak as being members of the Illuminati.

The Bitter Sound
My guest co-host Davian Dent this week shares a snippet from his "main hang", The Bitter Sound, and we talk a bit about how it came about as well as why it's got such a unique, well, sound.

Strange Times
Davian also sheds a little light on his unique companions - Kat Sorens and Jerry T'what - who are housed under the guise of the Strange Times podcast.

Sweet Feathery Jesus
My guest co-host puts his stake in the ground this week (not a euphemism) and proclaims that SFJ is his favorite podcast. The antics of Booze, Belasco, and Dr. P fill me with a sweet, feathery feeling as well as we share a bit of their trademark banter.

The Andy Daly Podcast Pilot Program
The eight episodes of inspired brilliance that comprised this limited-run podcast series have ended their initial debuts but you can binge-listen the heck out of what Andy Daly and Superego's Matt Gourley created over on Each show featured one of the delightfully strange characters which Andy initially brought to life during various times on the Comedy Bang Bang show. The clip we have is from Shut Up And Have Fun with Danny Mahoney.

Tiny Odd Conversations
We listen in to a recent episode of the show which features Travis and Brandi Clark, longtime friends-of-Succotash and, as it happens, favorites of Davian's as well. Brandi coins a new term in this clip that has Travis proclaiming his undying love for her all over again.

Fitzdog Radio
Host of Fitzdog Radio, Greg Fitzsimmons, was our Special Guest on the most recent episode of Succotash. During that conversation we touched on the menace of a certain patent troll who has set out to make lives miserable for podcasters. Adam Carola is one of the chief targets of the troll and I thought it important that our listeners learn a little bit more a\bout this threat to podcasting everywhere so we play a bit of Adam's visit with Greg.

The Brit & The American
Again, the tastes of my guest co-host and I dovetail in the form of The Brit & The American, a fun show with international flavor featuring the lively conversation between co-hosts Alba Lewis and Thomas Moore.

Homeo & Juliet
I happened to catch comedian Mary Patterson opening for Greg Fitzsimmons when he played the Punchline in San Francisco a few weeks ago. That's when I discovered she has a podcast which she shares with Jason Romaine. Usually p'casting out from Los Angeles, they have a number of folks in "the biz" on their show. In this clip, they chat it up wiht comedy writer Alec Moore.

That's pretty much it but don't be fooled by the length of my blog entry (people often are), as this show passes an hour and a half quite neatly in its runtime. Plenty for everyone so please don't be shy about passing the Succotash!

— Marc Hershon

Monday, March 24, 2014

Succotash Epi84: Green Roomin' with Greg Fitzsimmons

Yes, ready or not, here I come! It’s me, Marc Hershon, your host, your master of ceremonies, and the executive producer for Succotash, The Comedy Podcast Podcast. And this is Epi84, featuring my interview with our Special Guest: Mr. Greg Fitzsimmons!

Stand-up comedian. Writer. Show runner for television shows. And the host of Fitzdog Radio – both his live show on Sirius FM and his podcast which, refreshingly, isn’t just his satellite radio show dumped into the podstream and re-aired. I sat with Fitz — a nickname he did not invite me to use – after a recent show at the Punchline in San Francisco and we chatted for about a half hour. You’re going to hear the entire thing, unedited, in this episode.

But that's not all!

We’ve crammed a bunch of clips into this episode. Three of them are from former radio personalities who were on terrestrial radio for a LONG time but they’re now enjoying the freedom of podcasting – the main difference, I think, between what they did and what they’re doing is that they’re happy that they can say fuck and shit and all the other words they weren’t allowed to utter on the airwaves.

What's More

We’ve also got our Burst O’ Durst with comedian Will Durst. And he’ll be appearing at an event I’m hosting THIS week at Alfred’s Steakhouse in San Francisco. If you’re in the Bay Area, that’s on Thursday, March 27th, and it’s a fund-raiser by the producers of the 3 Still Standing documentary so they can afford to finish the film. You can glean more info for THAT show at

But I digress. We also feature a classic Henderson’s Pants spot, our Tweetsack segment and more. Well, no, actually, between that stuff, clips, the Fitzsimmons interview, that’s about it.

10 Most Active Shows in the Stitcher Top 100 Comedy Podcast List

Provided exclusively by Succotash, the 10 Most Active Shows in the Stitcher Top 100 Comedy Podcast List features those shows that have moved up OR down the charts the most in the past week. Let’s have a look…

AT                                                                                MOVED
26 SModcast >> Jay & Silent Bob Get Old                          +10
42 What About Pod?                                                         -12
49 Robert Kelly’s “You Know What Dude!”                        +5
55 Allison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend                           -7
77 Phone Losers of America                                              +25
79 Vos & bonnie’s “My Wife Hates Me”                              +7
82 Straight Outta Lo Cash                                                 +8
92 Black Astronauts Podcast                                             +58
95 The Rob & Joe Show                                                    -6
97 The World of Phil Hendrie                                            +92

And for the second week in a row, our friend Chris Lanuti and his crew in the Broadcast Basement podcast are right on the bubble, hanging in there at #100. Way to go, guys!

It was a good week for Succotash on the Stitcher chart this time around – again – as we climbed 2209 places from 7488 to #5279 this past week!

Radio Daze

I’ve spent a lot of time in Los Angeles over the years, including living down there three different times when I was either looking for writing work or doing writing work, and I would always listen to the Mark & Brian Show, which was a moring radio staple for years down there, on 95.5 KLOS. It was Mark Thompson and Brian Phelps and they started their show in Sepetember of 1987, which was about the same time I started hanging out in LA.

They hung up their radio togs in August of 2012, about a month shy of 25 years as a team.  Well, guess what? You can’t keep a radio guy down. They’re both now podcasting. Each with a different show, and 3000 miles apart, as Mark left LA and moved to Charlotte, North Carolina, where he does a daily podcast with his wife, Lynda, called appropriately…

The Mark & Lynda Podcast 
They do their podcast live on the web, so that allows them to take and make phone calls as well as keep things very current, newswise. They’ve also got a great listenership, as evidence by the fact they tagged in at #13 on this week’s Top 100 in Stitcher’s Top 100 Comedy Podcast List. Our clip is out of Mark & Lynda’s St. Patrick’s day show, where Mark relates a story about Steve Martin that happened after Mark left KLOS on his very last day of the Mark & Brian Show.

The Brian & Jill Show
The Brian part of the Mark & Brian Show hasn’t been quite so hot to jump back in front of the microphone. He’s got his own podcast – The Brian & Jill Show – that he co-hosts with actress Jill Whelan who some of you might remember as the daughter of Captain Stubing on The Love Boat. But his show only drops periodically – about once a month – just when he feels like doing it. Hasn’t hurt his popularity, though – this past week his show came in at #31 on Stitcher’s comedy list. I pulled a clip off his lastest outing where he’s relating a story from his mother and some trouble she’s been having with a bingo partner.

Off The Air with Chick McGee
Our last radio-themed clips revolves around the Off The Air podcast. Listeners to the well-known Bob & Tom Show out of Indianapolis but syndicated nationally are no doubt familiar with the name Chick McGee, who has been a longtime member of their team. In 2012 he also started his own podcast, Off The Air with Chick McGee, where he lets his hair down a bit, swears and generally has a good time with his own little team of cohorts and occasional guests. He also shows up frequently in Stitcher’s Top 100 comedy podcasts – this past week he moved up one place to #36. The clip we harvested features personal finance expert Peter The Planner talking about the most outrageous financial cliam he’s seen someone try to get away with.

The Rest of The Clips

A couple of episodes ago we featured a clip from British comedian Richard Herring’s Me1 v Me2 Snooker — or “snOOker”, as it’s properly pronounced, apparently. (Richard took me to task over that one a bit in thanking us for playing the clip.) He’s got several podcasts, as it turns out and, based on a suggestion from Andy McHaffie, I checked out Richard Herring’s Leicest Theatre Podcast. Funny! Funny enough for me to have reviewed for This Week In Comedy Podcasts on last week. We feature a taste from a recent epi with his guest, fellow English comedian Jenny Éclair.

The Angry Chimp Show
We got a recommendation to give a listen to a podcast called The Angry Chimp Show. Our Associate Producer Tyson Saner clipped us off a piece of a recent episode but neither he nor I can find much out about who is the brains behind this new podcast. They seem to be out of Australia, and they do sketches and songs. Beyond that, it’s a mystery.

Strange Times Podcast 
We’ve mentioned the Strange Times Podcast before – hosted by Davian Dent of the Bitter Sound podcast, Kat Sorens from The Rigid Fist podcast and their newest co-host Jerry T’What. Recently our own Bill Heywatt, who you heard a short while back on for Henderson’s Pants, was a guest on their show. They had some technical difficulties, namely Davian Dent’s audio part of the interview failed to represent. But’s we have a couple of minutes of Bill, with a few side comments from the other guys.

That's going to do it for Epi84. Hey, if we still haven’t played a clip from YOUR favorite podcast, why not drop me a line at or call into our Succotash Hotline (818-921-7212) to let me know!

Thanks as always to our Associate Producer Tyson Saner as well as our engineer/producer Joe Paulino, our booth announcer Bill Heywatt and our booth assistant Kenny Durgess. And thanks, most of all, to YOU.

Now get out there and pass that damn Succotash.

— Marc Hershon

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Succotash Epi83: Clippin' With The Best of 'Em

Welcome to the Succotash experience, Epi 83. And we’ve got a show chock full of the stuff that you download and/or stream us for: Clips. That's right. Comedy podcast clips from all over the place with not a single interview to sully the mix.

Most of the clips in this episode were provided by Associate Producer Tyson Saner. My wife and I have been in the process of moving for what seems like weeks and so Tyson has been up there at the top of the great dam of the Comedy Reservoir all by himself and he’s let the clips you’re going to hear today get through.

Speaking of Tyson, he got a little shout out from our buddies Dean Haglund and Phil Leirness over at the Chillpak Hollywood Hour last week. So I took the time to snip you that clip myself, as well as a couple of others that you're going to hear this show.

We, as usual, also offer you our Burst O' Durst segment from cultural comedian Will Durst. And we have a Henderson's Pants ad for their new Ransom Pants.

The 10 Most Active Show in Stitcher's Top 100 Comedy Podcast List

Last episode I pretty much skipped this feature because there simply wasn’t that much action on the Stitcher Top 100 in terms of shows moving up or down. This week’s pretty sluggish as well, but there was some movement on the charts…

AT                                                                                MOVED
16. Duncan Trussell Family Hour                                      +5
25. DeathSquad                                                                  +5
37. Off The Air – Chick McGee                                        +5
43. Fitzdog Radio                                                               -5
46. SModcast >> Edumacation                                          +7
55. Alison Rosen is Your New Best Friend                        -6
58. This Week In Blackness Radio                                     -8
68. Improv for Humans w/Matt Besser                             +6
85. The Dana Gould Hour                                                +34
87. New York City Crime Report with Pat Dixon            +42

Happy to report that ol’ Succotash is on our way back UP the Stitcher charts after last week’s dreadful score, which was at #9465. This week we’re up 1,977 places to #7488.

Thanks for Amazonin' Through Us!

As I mention in this episode, we've started getting some lovely little checks form Amazon because some of you Succotashians have been using banner ad at the top of our homesite to get ot Amazon to do your shopping. When you do that, they kicks up back a little buckage and that's been helping us to defray a few costs. Please feel free to keep right on doing it!

The Clips

Screams And Moans
Faithful Succotash listener Megan M.  (aka @PodcastWhore) has kicked off her own podcast. "Screams And Moans is about movies and sex but not together, as that would be porn," according to a note I got from Megan.  She says that every episode is different with a different guest co-host, a different film and a different listener question/topic related to more carnal matters. One of the things she loves most about her show and the format is that she gets to meet a variety of interesting and creative people. Folks featured in the clip we have include Sassy from The Most Popular Girls on the Internet, Bonn from the Bonn and Obo Show, Nigel Boydell from HMS Codcast/Uncle Arthur's Bollocks Collection, Davian Dent from The Bitter Sound and Dr. Norman Trousers from the Casa Mirth podcast.

Steve Agee Uhhh
I’ve been hearing Steve Agee on podcasts for awhile now but, until Tyson Saner sent this clip along this week, I had no idea he not only has a podcast – called Steve Agee Uhhh but he had a previous podcast that had about 50 episodes – he mentions that fact in this clip, with his guest actress Juliette Lewis who, up until this visit, had never been on a podcast.

Getting Doug with High
Tyson grabbed a hunk from the audio version of Doug Benson's LIVE videocast,  Getting Doug With High. Every episode he finds interesting people and celebrities and smokes it out with them while talking about issues of the day. In this clip he’s with legendary stoner Tommy Chong of Cheech & Chong and comedian Kyle Kinane.

NSF Watercoolers 
This next clip is from a show called NSF Watercoolers (or Not Safe For Watercoolers). Apologies. I have no idea who the people are on this show. I could find nothing on the several websites for the show which I looked at, which summons forth one of my pet peeves in podcasting – my PPPs, if you will: How hard is it to put out a little information on your homesite? However, the blurb on their site says “All the Film, TV, Music, and Pop Culture info you need to attack that next watercooler moment with confidence.”

Down With Joe Derosa 
One of the newest podcasts by a comedian is Down With Joe Derosa, and he brings a very simple straight-forward show concept with him: One guest, one topic. In the clip we have, he reunions with his former co-host from a radio show and podcast called Uninformed, who is none other the host of the Monday Morning Podcast, Bill Burr. The topic in play? Anger Management.

Ari Shaffir’s Skeptic Tank 
This podcast is consistently in Stitcher’s Top 100 Comedy Podcasts as well as always up in the hot downloads on iTunes. Comedian Ari Shaffir usually has fellow comics on with him to talk about all sorts of topics. For instance, in his Epi147, entitled “Closet Case” he has Kevin Meaney on and one of the central points of their conversation is having Kevin talk about what it was like to come out of the closet at the age of 50. In this clip, they’re covering some ground about how he didn’t seem to have much motivation towards comedy or much else in his teen years.

Dave & Crow Show
Darren Staley is back in the podcasting game, along with new partner Dave Simmons. They're just getting started with their random subject chat show. In fact, I'm pulling this clip from Epi2, in which Darren has a bit of a tirade about lanyards.

Ice-T Final Level 
Last week we got a note in the Tweetsack suggesting we give a listen to Ice-T's new podcast, Final Level. The father of gangsta rap has conquered music, movies, TV and now, along with co-host Mick Benzo, has entered the podcasting arena. Welcome, Ice-T. Glad to have you aboard. Not sure what he’s doing constitutes a comedy podcast but when Ice-T asks you to play a clip, you play a mutha fuckin’ clip.

Film Fandango
I featured a clip from Do The Right Thing, the English panel show, a couple of episodes ago, on the recommendation of our friend @Good_Podcasts, who then suggested that we give a listen to Film Fandango, which supposedly features Rachel Ward from Do The Right Thing, along with David Reed and Marek Larwood. They talk about movies, as you can tell by the title but, oddly, in the clip we grabbed from Epi118, Rachel Ward doesn’t seem to be part of the mix…

Will Wilkins is the technical wizard who keeps Smodcast Internet Radio running smoothly. And he also co-hosts a live show on the SModcast Internet Radio called NetHeads with Trent Hunsaker. I’ve met Will at last year’s Stitcher Awards because he’s located in the Bay Area so he shows up to pick up any awards the SModcast wins there. He was at THIS year’s awards, too, sporting a pair of Google Glasses. This clip is from a segment of their recent "Best Of, Really?" episode that features regular listener/contributor "Francis" whose speciality is Golden Age Comic books.

Squarehead Kids 
Our next clip comes from The Squarehead Kids, a big ol’ barrel full of podcast hosts including Frank, Jay, Big Daddy Deck, Little Ricky and the Good Doctor, PLUS their assorted guests. It’s a bit of a clusterchat but they manage to keep their free-ranging conversation more or less together…

That’s it. We’re done. Epi83 is finito and I’m outta here until next time when we SHOULD have Greg Fitzsimmons as our special guest. Remember to go see him this week at the Punchline in San Francisco if you're in the Bay Area.

In the meantime, be good to each other, shop at Amazon through the banner at, and please remember, no matter where you go or what you do, to pass the Succotash.

— Marc Hershon

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Succotash Epi82: Revisitin' With Hal Lublin

This is Episode 82 of Succotash, the Comedy Podcast Podcast, and I AM your host, Marc Hershon. Terribly sorry for the delay between shows. My wife and I have been in the throes of moving - not far, really only about 10 minutes from where we were living - but you know what moving can be like. Especially for a podcaster - you misplace one box with important equipment in it and it's like your show never existed.

Anyway, last episode I had fun with our Associate Producer Tyson Saner co-hosting the show. This time out our special guest is Hal Lublin from The Thrilling Adventure Hour and The David Feldman Show.  We first interviewed Hal last year when he was up for the 12th Annual San Francisco Sketchfest. This year he was up for the 13th edition and we caught up with him again. (During the interivew we had some short unplanned cameo appearances by Ben Blacker, Cole Stratton, and Scott Lifton, but that's what happenes when you set up in the lobby of the hotel Sketchfest was using as their main HQ for this year's event…)

In addition to our catch-up session with Hal, we've got some clips and not one but TWO of our Bursts O' Durst with political comedian Will Durst.


Who moved the most up or down the Stitcher Top 100 Comedy Podcast list this past week? Just listen…

AT                                                                                      MOVED
22. What About Pod?                                                             +7
32. The Brian & Jill Show                                                      -10
36. SModcast >> Jay & Silent Bob Get Old                              -11
57. The Bryan Callen Show                                                   +34
64. Sawbones: A Marital Tour of Misguided Medicine             +36
73. Harmontown                                                                  +32
81. Where’s My 40 Acres Podcast                                           -8
90. Three Guys On                                                              +102
92. Mr. No Good                                                                 +108
94. The Craig Shoemaker Show                                            +272

Glad to see our old pal Craig Shoemaker vaulting into the top 100! We had him as our Special Guest back in Epi29 – maybe we can rope him into another interview soon.


A few weeks ago, I tweeted that I would like to have folks submit designs for a Henderson's Pants logo, with the idea we might start to sell some t-shirts, open a phony website, who knows? Listener and podcaster Dr. Norman Trousers rose to the challenge and submitted several, one of which appears here:

I love it! Anyone else have an idea, you're going to have to go Doc Trow one better. Plus he and his co-host cut us a special clip from their Casa Mirth podcast for this episode!


What Say You? 
As you may know, I’m one of the gang of reviewers that contributes to This Week In Comedy Podcasts up at every week, along with Zoe Schwab, Pablo Goldstein, Josh Sorokach, Robert Schoon, Scott Reynolds, and Jenny Nelson. This week I reviewed What Say You?, hosted by Brian Quinn and Sal Vulcano. If you watch Impractical Jokers on TruTV, these are two of those guys. And Brian is also part of the Tell ‘Em, Steve-Dave podcast on the SModcast network. What Say You? Is just these two guys – Brian and Sal – talking about whatever comes into their heads. The lastest epsiode has a story about a pair of women’s pants that Sal received via UPS by accident and what he ended up doing about them. It’s, well, not normal… And that’s how it starts. The story get so funny that Brian ends laughing so hard that he actually ends up throwing up. As I concluded on in my review on Splitsider for this show: Podcast Gold.

Casa Mirth
I always appreciate when a podcast wants to send along a clip of their show. Promos I'm not as keen on but one thing that only happened  afew times in the almost three years that I've been doing Succotash is someone taking the time to put together a custom clip. Dr. Normal Trousers and his partner-in-podcasting River Zambezi have done just that. Coupled with the Henderson's Pants logo that Trousers did, Casa Mirth ranks right up there with the best!

HMS Codcast
As I just got done writing about, I'm not a big fan of the pre-fab promo but I got one in that's from a pretty original show and put together by a fellow podcast who's recently had some tough breaks, healthwise. Nigel Boydell had been doing a very funny show called Uncle Arthur’s Bollocks as well as a second program, CSI Troutbeck. One of the complications from his health issues was that he had to have 16 teeth removed. Yikes! This has left him with what he calls "a pronounced lisp." But podcasting is what he wanted to do so he ended up WRITING one and engaging podcasters from all over the place to help read the passages from a series of continuing misadventures of a ship’s crew on a voyage to discover the New World. So far he’s got episodes voiced by the likes of the aforementioned Dr Norman Trousers (Casa Mirth), Matt LeRoy (Wicked Radio Network), Matt Brundage (Another Damn Trivia Show) and  Jenny Sorens, wife of podcaster Kat Sorens (Strange Times Show)

Salty Language
One of our frequent retweeters is the Salty Language podcast with Bryan Stewart, Tony High, and Tate Hayes. These guys  and a gal talk about a lot of stuff and recently they were on about The Beatles big 50th Anniversary on the Ed Sullivan show. Tony isn’t on this clip which our Associate Producer Tyson Saner clipped for us, but you’ll get the idea of the show’s flow.

The Bitter Sound
A longtime supporter of Succotash is Davian Dent, the host of both The Bitter Sound podcast as well as co-host of The Strange Times podcast. The Bitter Sound is a truly strange and wonderful combination of odd ramblings, ambient music, disturbing soundscapes and visits from a variety of people. In fact, our own announcer Bill Heywatt is slated to be a future guest on the show.

Me1 vs Me2
I got a recommendation from Andy McHaffie, who tweets as @AndyMcH, to give a listen to Me1 vs Me2 Snooker, which features British comedian Richard Herring in an ongoing series of snooker games played by himself playing with himself. Well, not playing with himself. Playing AGAINST himself, really. And also serving as the commentators and the referees for the games. With a premise that odd, it had better be good. And so it is…

Not too many clips this episode but the Hal Lublin interview runs about 50 minutes, so you're still getting a lot of show! Enjoy…and remember to please pass the Succotash!

— Marc Hershon

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Succotash Epi81: Co-hostin' With Tyson Saner

Welcome to Epi81 of Succotash, The Comedy Podcast Podcast. I, Marc Hershon, am not alone this week. Joining me as co-host for the show, via Skype, is Associate Producer Tyson Saner!

It was about a year ago that Tyson began sending me a stray clip or two, testing the waters to see if his choices jibed with the "flow of the show". And it wasn't long after that I recognized his value in helping me to canvas the vastness that is Podcastland in our ever-widening efforts to sample comedy podcasts.

By the end of last summer he'd been named our Honorary Associate Producer. He supplies the show with at least three and as many as a half-dozen of the clips you hear every week, as well as giving me valuable background info on both the specific clips and the shows from which they've been harvested.

At the beginning of the year he became our ACTUAL Associate Producer – as you can now hear in Bill Heywatt's closing credits – and this won't be the last time we hear his dulcet tones on the show, methinks.

In the course of the show we find out a little of Tyson's background, how he stumbled into being a massive podcast listener and fan, how he found Succotash and what really catches his attention when it comes to deciding to click that Subscribe button on a show.

We also have a DOZEN clips in this show, not to mention our Burst O' Durst, a brand new Henderson's Pants ad, and even a song from out of Tyson's repertoire of original music (most of which is available - for free - from SoundCloud!)

PLUS we have a Special Bonus Interview at the very end of this epi! Keep listening after Bill Heywatt says "Goodbye!" to hear my interview with Cole Stratton, co-organizer of the 13th Annual San Francisco Sketchfest and co-host of podcasting's Pop My Culture. We were backstage (or "mid-stage", actually) following his appearance in Speechless (a show I help produce) at the Sketchfest. Our chat is only about nine minutes long but, as it comes at the end of the longest Succotash episode yet recorded, it's a while getting there.

Top 10 Most Active Shows In Stitcher's Top 100 Comedy Podcast List

No wild swings up or down the Stitcher 100 list this past week, but there definitely was some movement in the chart…

AT                                                                        MOVED
 9. SModcast >> Tell ‘Em, Steve-Dave                     +6
30. The Brian & Jill Show                                       -7
37. Fitzdog Radio                                                  +5
52. Keith & The Girl Comedy Talk Show                 -8
60. A Mediocre Time with Tom & Dan                    +7
72. Jim Florentine’s Metal Comedy Midgets           +5
73. Righteous Prick                                               +7
85. LightCast                                                        -7
94. SModcast >> FeaB                                          +20
97. Never Not Funny/Jimmy Pardo                       -12

I guess there WAS a major jump up the charts, actually, if you look at Succotash's nuimbers. We went from #5945 last week to #5107 this week, so that's pretty sweet!

The 2nd Annual Stitcher Awards were last week and I attended the ceremony, which was held at The Chapel in San Francisco. Many awards were given out for categories across the spectrum. I recount the winner in this episode of Succotash, but you can also go see the list of top prize getters on the Stitcher blog.

Burst O' Durst

In this episode's installment of comedian Will Durst's running commentary, he takes some potshots at the ultra-rich.

Podcast Review

For my portion of This Week In Comedy Podcasts over on, I've reviewed The Nerdist with hosts Chris Hardwick, Jonah Ray, and Matt Mira, interview B.J. Novak, actor/writer from The Office and the author of a new book of short stories.

The Clips

Chillpak Hollywood Hour
This week’s clip from CHH with Dean Haglund & Phil Leirness features them thanking me for catching a big ol’ audio snafu in their recent episode. (Hey, we podcasters have to help each other out, right?)

Vintage SModcast (from July 10th, 2008) wherein Kevin Smith turns ordinary circumstances into "What If?" adventure time, pushing Scott Mosier furthur and further outside his comfort zone as the "What if"s become more and more unlikey, bizarre and often outrageous.

The idea behind this show (form the SModcast universe) is that Kevin Smith needs educating so Andy McElfresh brings in stories and information from around  the world while Kevin asks as many questions as he possibly can which Andy also attempts to answer.  Hilarity Ensues. This clip is of Andy attempting to apply real world diagnoses to the cast of The Cosby Kids.

Fitzdog Radio
Bobcat Goldthwait’s always entertaining and this time Greg Fitzsimmons has him. We get an interesting glimpse into the life of the once celebrated madman comedian whose ambition these days is all about making and directing movies. To fuel his interest, he’s back in the clubs, which leads to an interesting series of comedy club anecdotes.

Perfectly Imperfect
This panel-based comedy commentary show features four variously "challenged" hosts – Kathy Buckley, Tobias Forrest, Geri Jewell and Mark Povinelli – who take off on, debate, and otherwise have their way with a variety of topics. In this clip, it's about marriage equality and Muppets.

Broadcast Basement
I was a guest with Chris Lanuti, the main host of podcasting’s Broadcast Basement this week. He asked me what kinds of podcasts I don’t particular like and which ones I do. Also how Broadcast Basement can get mentioned on our show more. Having me on as a guest is obviously one way…

Nardwuar, The Human Serviette
Nardwuar's chats with musicians are among some of the most unique in the history of music interviews. He plays his own version of This Is Your Life complete with memorabilia and gifts for his guests. In this clip, he's speaking with eclectic musician Jaap Blonk.

Do The Right Thing
Another fine British recommendation from our friend @Good_Podcasts, Do The Right Thing is a comedy panel show hosted by Danielle Ward with team captains Michael Legge and Margaret Cabourn-Smith. Guest team members this week are Jason Manford & Sara Pascoe. In the “Agony Aunt” sequence this episode, the panel answers a letter about how to deal with a free-loading, loser former best friend.

Comedy Bang Bang
Hosted by Scott Aukerman, the premise of the show is simple: Scott interviews celebrities, musicians and comedians. Another comedian or performer comes in after the initial interview  and pretends to be someone else – sometimes a famous actor, but often a character from a television  show, or sometimes a brand new original character. The featured guest is Park & Rec's Nick Offerman, who is interrupted by a whiny, pissy Paul Giamatti…voiced to perfection by James Adomian.

A Mediocre Time with Tom & Dan
This show was one of the six podcasts nominated for Best Comedy Podcast for the recent Stitcher Awards. The winner was Comedy Bang Bang, but it must mean something that Tom and Dan got in there. They’ve got a subscription model show and a free version and they do their show out of Orlando, Florida. In this clip, they ruminate about Salem witch trials, a hot new restaurant idea, and they also talk about making it big in Nashville with one of their songs.

Adam & JP
Got a note AND a clip in the Tweetsack this week from the Adam & JP podcast: “Hey Marc, I just recently found your show and I love it.  Really great work! In advance, thanks for giving us a shout out. Basically, we talk all things geek (gaming, comics, movies, music, pop culture) with a comedic slant.  We host a two hour radio show on a local station every Saturday morning and do a weekly podcast.  I have attached a clip from our latest episode, in case you wanted to use it. Thanks again and we would love to chat with you on the show sometime to discuss your show." <signed> J Patrick Pretty funny stuff, guys!

That's a pretty full show! Almost TWO hours of Succotash! Enjoy it, savor it, and please remember to pass the Succotash along, too!

— Marc Hershon

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Succotash Epi80: Revisitin' With Paul Mecurio

Welcome to Epi80 of Succotash, the Comedy Podcast Podcast. This week our special guest is Paul Mecurio, who you would have also heard for a few minutes at the top of last episode, number 79, and for a longer interview back in Epi65.

To be honest, I was going to play my interview that I did back in October with Travis and Brandy Clark, from the Tiny Odd Conversations podcast but I recorded it at a sidewalk café in North Hollywood and the traffic noise made it really difficult to listen to, which means I’ll have to visit them and have another sit down soon. Apologies guys!

I ended up having a good conversation with Paul, who was in town performing at the San Francisco Punchline. I caught his show on Wednesday night then we spent the rest of the week trying to coordinate a time for the interview. What finally worked was getting together in the last hour that he was in town, at his hotel, before he had to dash off to the airport.

We talked about some of the projects he's got going on, from his headlining gigs around the counttry to some TV show ideas he was on his way to LA to pitch, and also The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, both of which he still does audience warmup and writing for.

During the interview I cut away to play a couple of audio snippets from things like his Makeover Specialist and this video segment he did from Got No Game, a show on HBO Sports…

The 10 Most Active Shows in the Stitcher Top 100 Comedy Podcast List

Here's aour weekly look at the shows that moved the most UP or DOWN on Stitcher's Top 100 Comedy Podcast list.

AT                                                                                 MOVED
28. The Crabfeast with Ryan Wickler & Jay Larson             +6
34. Bertcast’s Podcast                                                      +12
36. SModcast >> Jay & Silent Bob Get Old                         -10
44. Keith & The Girl Comedy Podcast                                -11
48. What Say You?                                                            +6
62. About Last Night                                                         +31
75. How Was Your Week with Julie Klausner                     +30
85. The Almost A Show Podcast                                        +181
89. The Half-Assed Podcast with Gary & John                   +295
94. Out Of The Box Podcast                                              -11

And Succotash has actually benefited by missing a week, apparently, as we are hanging at #5945, which is UP 1616 place since last episode! Maybe we'll stay away more often…

Burst O' Durst

In this week's Burst O' Durst segment, our Ambassador to the Middle rails a bit on New Jersey governor Chris Christie. He's a hard target to miss.

Musical Break

During the show we play a cut from Walk The Fire, the new album by friend-of-Succotash John Anealio. You can get the whole album for whatever price you name at

The Clips

Midweek Drive
A few episodes ago we got our weekly shout out from The Chillpak Hollywood Hour from a guest of theirs: Alex Lewczuk, who’s the host of The Midweek Drive radio show and podcast in Britain (where he's joined by regulars John Jarrold, Holly Cox, and Gabriella Peralta.) I vowed then to feature a cut from his show and I finally got one that’s MOSTLY understandable to the American ear and which should be imminently familiar to a British audience. In this clip, Alex’s guest was English comedian Stu Francis. It seems the show, in trying to research Stu, had actually gotten to the website of STEWART Francis, a Canadian comic. Then they get into a discussion about Stu’s catchphrases, which are apparently his hallmark.

ManBuyCow Podcast
This show was recommended to us via Twitter. I think it was Davian Dent from the Bitter Sound Podcast, actually. In realtime, on Twitter, I asked our Associate Producer Tyson Saner to go grab a clip which he did. But I ended up listening to the whole episode and I gotta tell you that, if you’re taste in comedy runs in the Monty Python/Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy vein, this show has got to be on your Subscribe list. ManBuyCow is from England and features two guys – Rufus & Howard. Last names undiscoverable so far. In this clip, the guys are mucking about with a clairvoyant tea kettle.

Newbs Radio
This segment comes directly from Newbs Radio and it is not a comedy podcast, really. But the host, Eric Newby, is a supporter of Succotash and I told him I can pull some strings and get a clip of his show on the episode. He has a lot of musicians on and he sent in this clip from last summer, with his guest – singer Jonathan Richmond – because he felt it “explains what we do for your listeners”.

Proudly Resents 
I interviewed the host of the Proudly Resents podcast, Adam Spiegelman, during the LA Podcast Festival a few months ago. He’s been back in New York THIS month for the New York Podcast Festival. He did a live Tribute to Troma Films which I reviewed in last week’s This Week In Comedy Podcasts for And then he interviewed the co-founder of Troma, Lloyd Kaufman, who’s a genius of the ultra-low budget film. In this clip, he reveals how they can afford to keep flipping and exploding cars in Troma films, as well as how to crush a head on screen

The John Dredge Nothing To Do With Anything Show
The same day I got word about the ManBuyCow podcast (see above), @Good_Podcasts on Twitter suggested we give a listen to The John Dredge Nothing To Do With Anything Show. I was game. @GoodPodcasts never steers us wrong and John Dredge himself has retweeted some of our tweets. So Tysonpulled down a clip from a recent episode and – Ahhhhhh – pure audio hilarious weirdness ensued. Starring John Dredge, Anna Emerson from the Boom Jennies, Greg Haiste from Haiste & Lawrence – and sounding a lot like Greg Proops putting on a British accent – along with James Shakestaff. Needless to say, that’s up on my Subscribe list now, too. The URL is too long for me to read and not screw up so you can click on it at this episode’s blog at or just type “John Dredge Show” into Google. You’re find it.

That what Epi80 has in store for you. We appreciate it when you take time out of your busy day to not just listen to the podcast, but especially when you go up to iTunes where you can rate and review us. You can also Like our Facebook page (where you can even stream episodes of Succotash while you're catching up on your friends' status updates!)

Okay, that's it for now.

Please pass the Succotash!

— Marc Hershon